Your train ticket booking guide as a Newbie!

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A train ticket is a rail ticket that grants the user access to a certain rail network. Tickets are available from IRCTC-registered ticketing agents in India, as well as Indian Railways ticket booths at major stations. Tickets are also available for purchase on the IRCTC’s website or through one of its authorized e-ticketing partners. 

A railway ticket is more than simply a ticket; it also provides information on the travel, passengers, and the train. IRCTC assigns each railway ticket a unique 10-digit PNR number while making a train ticket booking. 

Indian Railways Train Tickets booking 

There are 2 types of tickets issued by the Indian Government- Reserved and Unreserved. Aside from that, Indian Railways tickets come in a number of quotas, including tatkal quota tickets, Premium Tatkal tickets, and so on. A train ticket can be thought of as confirmed assuming that the passenger has been assigned a seat, contingent upon the booking status. The difference between a CNF ticket and an unconfirmed train ticket is that a CNF ticket has been assigned a seat. An unconfirmed railway ticket is also a waitlisted ticket, as indicated by the letter WL on the ticket. 

There’s also the Platform ticket, which is a one-of-a-kind type of ticket. Platform tickets are given by Indian Railways to travelers who wish to visit or wait on platform for a couple of hours to meet somebody, see off a family member or companion, or any other reason. 

Parts of a Train Ticket 

PNR Number on a train ticket 

PNR (Passenger Name Record) – When you buy a railway ticket, you are given a PNR number by the IRCTC automated reservation system. The ticket includes the passenger’s personal information as well as route and train information. The PNR number can be located in the top left corner of a printed ticket. One of the most crucial and key aspect of a ticket is the 10-digit PNR number which is unique for each ticket 

PNR numbers can be used to access a variety of Indian Railways services, including train ticket booking or securing resting rooms at stations, waiting in the waiting room, and filing complaints with the Railway about bad cuisine, theft, or emergency help. 

Train Number on a train ticket 

The train number and name are also printed on your train ticket. Train number is directly next to the PRN number in the upper right area. It is usually placed in the centre of the ticket, underneath the passenger’s coach, seat/berth, and gender information. Simply enter a train’s number to learn about its arrival time, departure time, en-route itinerary, available class, and other details when you do train ticket booking. 

Date of Journey on a train ticket 

Date of Travel- The date of your journey is specified on your railway ticket. Passengers can reserve train tickets 120 days in advance on Indian Railways. Your ticket’s voyage date can assist you remember the date so you don’t miss your train. The excursion date of travel is printed at the top of the ticket, beside the train number. 

Fare on a train ticket 

Tariffs—On the Indian Railway, different classes of seats have varying charges. The fare is printed on the ticket in both digits and words. Travel concessions are available on the Indian Railways for older citizens, women, patients, and handicapped passengers. The ticket fare is imprinted on the ticket for the travelers’ comfort so the booking agent or e-ticket suppliers don’t cheat or overprice them. 

Waitlisted train ticket 

In case you’re on the waiting list or get a wait listed ticket, this piece of information is for you.  The IRCTC frequently issues tickets in waiting due to prior bookings and seat availability. A waitlisted ticket is identified by the characters WL headed by a number. Waitlisted tickets include those on the GNWL (General Waiting List), RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List), and PQWL (Pre-Qualification Waiting List) (Pooled Quota Waiting List). 

Confirmed train ticket  

According to a verified railway ticket, your ticket has been confirmed, and you have been assigned a seat or berth. The coach number, seat/berth number, and berth type will all be listed on a verified ticket. If your ticket has the initials CNF on it, it has been confirmed, and your seat will be assigned after the chart is completed. The chart is usually made four hours before to the train’s departure time. 

RAC train ticket 

Is your ticket marked with the letters RAC? If the answer is accurate, the berth has been partitioned into two RAC seats. RAC ticket holders are assigned to a lower berth on the side. On the side, two visitors are seated on the lowest bunk. The RAC ticket guarantees you a seat, but not necessarily a berth, on the train. 

Class of Accommodation on a train ticket booking 

Convenience Class – The Indian Railways offers an assortment of movement tickets in a few classes. AC first class, 1A; AC 2 level, 2A; AC 3 level, 3A; First Class, AC seat vehicle, CC; Sleeper Class, SL; and second seating; AC first class, 1A; AC 2 level, 2A; AC 3 level, 3A; First Class, AC seat vehicle, CC; Sleeper Class, SL; and second sitting; AC first class, 1A; AC 2 level, 2A; AC 3 The class of convenience is shown on the tickets. The most costly tickets are for AC five star, trailed by AC 2, AC 3, CC, and Sleeper class. 

Reservation and Train ticket booking 

Reservations From and To- When making a train ticket booking, we must fill out reservation and boarding station information. Assuming that you have an confirmed reservation from Bangalore City Junction to Pune Junction, for instance, the booking data from and to the ticket would be incorporated. 

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