WiFi Broadband Plans in Australia: Top 5 Best Providers

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There are several WiFi broadband plan providers in Australia. While some may offer plans at a very reasonable cost, others are backed up with a solid reputation which is why they are preferred by more and more subscribers over the others. This article lists down some of the best providers of WiFi broadband plans in the country.


Telstra is still Australia’s largest internet provider, having almost 40% of Australians subscribed to their services. It is considered to be one of the best providers of WiFi broadband plans for several years because of its legacy of service and variety of offerings. Not only do they offer NBN services, but they are one of the few providers who are already capable of offering congestion-free plans. 



Next to Telstra, Optus is perhaps the second well-known internet service provider in Australia. Apart from broadband plans, Optus also offers fixed wireless NBN plans and mobile plans. The great thing about Optus is that their pricing is quite competitive and the data allocation that comes with their plans proves to be sufficient for most subscribers.


Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom boasts of plans with prices that prove to be unbeatable, which is why it is considered to be one of the best broadband providers in the country. In addition to this, the plans offered by this internet service provider are all value-focused, which means that you won’t find many add-ons but all of them feature no contract terms as well as no setup fees. This alone will provide you with the flexibility that you need when you intend to move and cut your plan or upgrade or downgrade accordingly.


Aussie Broadband

Even if this internet service provider is quite new in the industry compared to the others who have long-established their presence and reputation, Aussie Broadband is slowly making its name in the world of internet providers. They offer plans in various speed tiers but the best part is that you will have the freedom to customize the plan that you need in terms of speed and data. Rest assured that they also provide competitive pricing that is hard to beat.



TPG is a powerhouse internet service provider because of the large infrastructure it has built all over the country. It was even able to acquire smaller internet players such as iiNet and Internode. All of the plans they offer in various speed tiers feature unlimited data and their subscribers can even bundle a home phone in these plans. The best part is that they are also one of the few providers capable of offering congestion-free plans, which means that you will get to enjoy the advertised speed of the plan you pay for.


Final Word

The internet service providers listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider if you are looking into having a new WiFi broadband plan installed. They are considered to be some of the best ones because of the reasonable price they offer, as well as the unbeatable features of their plans. Just keep in mind that in the end, your choice of plan and provider should still be based on your specific needs and preferences.

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