Why Should You Choose the best CBSE school in Pune?

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Because of the educational options, residential projects, and jobs, people from all over the world are flocking to Pune, the Oxford of the East.

Pune has it all: top schools and universities, corporate behemoths, retail meccas, budget, and luxury residences. Pune is a beautiful area for parents and their children to live because of these factors. There are numerous best schools in Balewadi.

Shifting to a new location brings with it a variety of new experiences. Pune is a lovely city to live in, with its distinct charm and culture.

Shifting your child to a new school in a different state can be more difficult.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should choose the Pune Campus:

Prestigious Institutions– It is natural for parents to be concerned about their children’s future. So, don’t worry about educational facilities because Balewadi, Pune, offers some of the most outstanding colleges and CBSE schools in the city. It has prospered into one of India’s most important educational centers. In comparison to its rivals, Pune has developed at a faster rate. The children form bonds with the district, and as a result, few people feel compelled to return to their homeland.

The weather is infinitely better—the weather in Pune is infinitely more suitable to study. Yes, the temperature rises, but it is counterbalanced by rain. The humidity level is also low. Overall, Pune is a beautiful place to visit.

IT club– Pune is home to over 110 international corporations, including TCS, Accenture Infosys, Volkswagen WIPRO, etc. As a result, finding a new career will be easier for you and your child as he grows older. IT firms have had exceptional growth rates.

Sporting enthusiasm – A passion for sports, ranging from football to tennis to cricket to Kabbadi. A team from Pune represents each sport. Sports competitions between schools and colleges allow students to try out new sports.

It’s a dream to have your child accepted into one of the best schools in Pune. However, relocating your child to a new campus in Pune might be a challenging experience for your youngster.

The following are some suggestions for coping with the stress of relocating to a new Pune campus:

Discuss with your youngster

Conversations can help address serious problems, so talk to your child frequently and inform them about any upcoming changes. It will help your youngster overcome his concerns if you can have an honest and open talk with him.

Inquire about your child’s fears about the new school. Assure him that you shall always be there to help him with any new obstacles he may encounter.

Maintain a positive outlook

Keep a close check on your child and attempt to figure out any deviations from the norm. Encourage your children to have an optimistic view, but you must have one yourself. Because if you’re worried, it’ll start to show in your actions.

Your child will pick up on the negative things and become even more worried. As a result, it’s critical that you keep motivated and relaxed. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address the issues he might confront. The more thrilled you are, the easier it will be for your child to adjust to the new school.

Allow the child to have some control

It’s tough for a child to take command of a situation. Allow your youngster to take control of the problem. Please give him a list of options and let him choose what he wants to bring to the new town on his own. This will lessen your child’s anxiety, as most of his fear about moving to a new place and starting a new school stems from a sense of loss of control. Giving him modest choices, such as allowing him to choose the bag pack he wants to carry, will help him a lot.

Arrange for a sneak peek

Move to the new city well ahead of time so that you can take your child to the new school before the start of the session. This will assist your youngster in acclimating to the new school’s surroundings. This will aid in better adaptation in the long run. Take a school tour, meet the professors, engage in conversation with them, and explore the playground and classrooms.

Establish a routine

Travel to school using the same route even before the start date to familiarize your child with the new route. Try to retain as many old-school traditions as possible because the abrupt drastic change will hamper your child’s adaptation to everything.


It would be fantastic if you could take part in your child’s activities. Attend parent-teacher meetings and join any platform that allows teachers and parents to engage. Engage with the school principal and instructors. It will be easier for your child if you participate in school activities as much as possible. Try to instill this habit in the new school, even if you didn’t try it in the prior one.


Participate in extracurricular activities with your child since it is a terrific method for them to open up. This helps him form stronger ties with his classmates and increases his enthusiasm in school. Moving to a new place and attending a new school can be a stressful experience, but it will be a lot easier and more enjoyable if you keep the following tips in mind. Always follow these checkpoints to find the best CBSE school in Pune.


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