Which Item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Solved For $47 Million?

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Which Item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Sold For $47 Million?

Which Item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Sold For $47 Million? It was an ex-secretary, Bette Nesmith Graham for creating the eraser that is white. As secretary back in 1950, the company she worked for first named this product mistake Out. But due to conventions in naming or patent disputes, as well as marketing motives, Graham renamed the company White Out. The company was only named after him when the brand was a household name.

Liquid Paper

If you asked anyone in the 1950s about why they created an item that could aid typists in fixing typing errors They would likely say that a secretary who was not trained created the invention. An Texas secretary named Bette Nesmith Graham was the person who inspired her to develop the product. She developed and then was sold at a price of $47million. Although it may seem a bit far-fetched in the present, it was actually an amazing invention that opened the way for modern day typing professionals to work more efficiently. Which product was invented by a Secretary, and later Sold for $47 Million?

Which Item Was Invented by a Secretary and Later Sold For $47 Million?

Graham’s concept was so original that she quickly hired teenager workers to run her venture. The workers filled the bottles liquid and applied labels manually. In the beginning, the company, Graham accidentally signed a bank document that contained the company’s name. After she realized her product was generating profits and she was able to earn a profit, she quit her job to pursue her business fully. She chose the name “Liquid Paper,” which quickly gained traction. When the company began to produce millions of bottles every per year Graham could sell her business at $47.5 million. Six months prior to the time Graham passed away, Graham donated the money to charities.

Bette Nesmith Graham’s idea marked a major breakthrough in the world of paper-based products. The company first began manufacturing bottles at her home and then moved to a four-room home and then to a $47 million plant. She and her husband Robert Graham joined her in the company however he did not take charge of the business.

In the mid-1970s Liquid Paper was producing 25 million bottles a year and was spending $1 million per each year for advertising. Bette Nesmith Graham’s company was so successful that she put two foundations for charitable causes. One of them included called the Gihon Foundation, which collected female-created art and also the Abette Clair McMurray Foundation to support other women in poverty or battling unemployment.

Bette Nesmith Graham worked as secretary prior to becoming an internationally renowned inventor. She was a gifted artist with an academic background in art. She had a young son in World War II and had to work. Her boss fired her because she interfered with the work of coworkers. Despite the difficult conditions she was able to create an incredibly successful business. Later, she the company was sold for $47 million .

White Out

White Out was developed by an office secretary. Nette Graham, a secretary at the bank, and she determined to come up with her own brand of white paint to use in the event of making mistakes. She also offered her liquids to various secretaries who requested it. When the product became well-known, Graham sold the product for the sum of $47 million dollars. While working at the banking institution, Graham also worked on her own business ventures, such as creating window displays and models. Following her success she was dismissed from her position.

Bette Nesmith Graham worked as an employee in the Texas bank. She earned around $300 per month. She was fired after she used the copier to create replicas of her idea and the ad agency subsequently sued her. In the end, the company settled the case and the lady was able to work at the bank on a part-time basis. As her business grew it was sold to Gillette for $47 million. Her idea became so well-known it allowed her to leave her full-time job and concentrate on her new business.

The liquid is one that can be used to correct errors in documents typed. It is now employed as a drawing medium , and in the form of an analog painting for art. The creator of Liquid Paper, Bette Nesmith Graham sold it to Gillette Corporation in 1979 for record-breaking $47.5 million dollar. It was created in 1956 and was initially employed to correct typing mistakes.

Bette Nesmith Graham

in the 50s Bette Nesmith Graham the secretary of the bank, came across an item that could cover any typos that appeared on documents. She invented the product by mixing water-based white paint with a blender and after which she applied the mixture to the paintbrush with a fine tip. Her invention, now referred to in the form of “Mistake Out,” sold for $47 million dollars following the fact that their son Davy who sold one million bottles.

  • She was thirty years old when she made 300 dollars a month working at Texas Bank.
  • Bette helped her family and she paid her bills through the job she was working.
  • Bette printed out things on paper to record her mistakes prior to the advent of word processors (like MS Word) and typewriters.

Before, there were many advantages of writing on the writing pad with a pen When a word is written on paper, it can’t be erased. The other benefits are

  • Writing with a pen on paper is an art of laborious work, and is proof of mistakes.
  • Nesmith’s blunders could be prevented by learning to not repeat them.
  • By not noticing the common errors, Bette could hold on to her nerves.

How can people come to Know about Liquid paper?

Bette was unaware of her invention that would have made her wealthy and filthy. When the invention of the liquid paper the writer herself was not awed by its ability to write down her mistakes.

People were aware of her errors in typing after she put tempera paint in bottles and then took it to work. She was eager to do her part for help improve society. Her son Michael gave her an unopened bottle of green at home. In the 70s Bette Nesmith Graham split from her husband. She set up two foundations for charitable causes. She also created an emergency shelter for women who were homeless and had no alternative to live. Tragically, Bette Nesmith Graham passed in May 12th of 1980, exactly about six months after the sale of her business.

Selling of the Liquid Paper

Answer to the world’s most well-known query, i.e. What invention was made by a secretary later was sold for $47 million dollars? The item was not known for quite some time. Then, it was discovered out it was Liquid paper that was sold to the Gillette Corporation for 47 million dollars.

She was a mother of one child, Michael Nesmith. He also gained fame for being a part of the group “The Monkees.” The liquid paper was actually the typical fluid for correction used by Bette Nesmith while she worked in Texas Bank as a secretary.

Unfortunate mistakes made by Bette Nesmith Graham

Madame. Bette becomes more anxious and angry at her inability to fix the errors. She tried to get rid of her anger applying white tempera and the watercolor brush. The paper that she painted with liquid was offered to Gillette in exchange for 47 million dollars in 1979.

Interesting Information about Liquid Paper

  • A few facts about the liquid paper are the following:
  • It’s been in use for more than 50 years, and it still in use.
  • It also reduces the time and effort required to fix errors on papers.
  • It is generally an water-based fluid used to correct the problem.
  • It was developed by Mrs. Bette on her own while she was working as secretary.

The development of Liquid Paper

Following the time that Mrs. Bette invented liquid paper and became an executive worth $22.5 million for the company she was employed by. Since she had made many mistakes throughout her lifetime, she began writing down the mistakes she made to avoid the consequences of them in the future.

  • She was desperate for a way to erase her mistakes, or at least rectify her mistakes or at least correct them. Another aspect of Bette was
  • When she made a mistake she would apply a tiny quantity of paint out of the water-based bottle.
  • In addition, she used to write her name and match the color of stationery that she loved in her work.


The whole tale of the query which item was invented by a secretary, and then Sold for $47 million? We can conclude that it was “Liquid paper.” In 1979 the year 1979, a New York City ad Agency’s secretary was dismissed after she was found guilty of using the copy machine of her employer to print many copies of her invention. The company filed a lawsuit and was successful. However, the inventor was already gone from the company prior to the time the lawsuit was concluded. Then she created her own business that has grown into a multi-million dollar company with over 100 employees employed at any one time.