Where and How to Install Your Custom Garden Flags

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Outdoor garden flags advertising continues to help small businesses establish their brands in specific locations and communities. Smaller companies that promote their brands using custom-printed billboards, posters, and marketing flags receive a lot of traction from consumers. Despite this, many people feel that these advertising tools and mediums are out-of-date. They’re wrong.

Why Custom Marketing Flags are Effective

The average consumer spends at least 70% of their time outdoors. At least 99% of all consumers see two to three outdoor ads every week. Traditional, outdoor advertising tools can improve your brand’s exposure if you install them correctly and in the right locations. Plus, marketing tools like custom garden flags are awfully cost-effective.

Despite costing nothing as much as billboards or digital ads, these flags give amazing returns in terms of brand growth. But, location will always be the key to their marketing success. Unless you select the right outdoor locations and install your marketing flags correctly – target customers won’t see them. Here’s a guide on where and how to install these custom flags –

Make Visibility Your Priority

Marketing flags that offer limited visibility cannot be viewed by target audiences. Hence, they can’t generate sufficient awareness about your brand. So, when selecting different locations, make the visibility of your flag ads your top priority. Select locations where you can install front-facing flags. Commuters or drivers should be able to directly see your flags on the road.

Even better – use double-sided flags. Target customers will be able to see these flags from both directions. Your flag advertisements will secure more views & impressions. Just make sure obstructions block your flag’s view. Look out for trees, buildings, billboards, and other structures that may obstruct your flag in an outdoor location.

Maintain Readability

Make sure your promotional flags stand upright. If they droop or bend downwards, people won’t be able to read the information that’s custom-printed on them. Install your promotional flags at a proper height. Inspect the location from all sides and distances to ensure the flags are visible and readable from all angles.

Select Locations Based on Traffic

The more foot or car traffic a location experiences, the more ad-friendly it is. So, select the most densely populated regions of your community to install your marketing flags. Many brand leaders install their advertising flags on highways, outside malls, city centers, and other crowded areas of the locality. In such high-traffic locations, the flags get maximum exposure.

Conduct Market Research

Your marketing flags may look immaculate. They may feature the most enticing calls to action. But, if the “right” people don’t see your marketing flags, then everything goes to waste. So, always have a good understanding of which people your promotional flags are targeting.

Conduct market research to determine your target group. Then select appropriate locations.

  • Is your brand targeting teenagers? Then, target high-school or college areas.
  • Is your brand targeting office-goers? Then, install your flags on roads & locations near major office areas.

Use these tactics to install your low-cost marketing flags in the right locations. Expose your brand to the right people in the right way in the right locations!

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