Wheels: Fleet speedsters for toddlers

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Riding a balance bike is the best exercise to prepare children for cycling. We show you the coolest models for toddlers!


With a balance bike, your children can only win – not only in speed! Cycling trains the sense of balance and coordination and is ideal preparation for later cycling. Especially when toddlers no longer want to sit in the buggy, but cannot yet cope with longer distances on foot, the balance bike is the ideal means of transport.

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In front of the bike comes the balance bike

Cycling also needs to be learned. And before our little ones get on their first bike, there is still a lot to practice. How good that there are wheels for this. If you can already walk safely, you can practice your first swinging steps here! Obstacles are skilfully circumvented with the wheel and the motor skills and movements are trained as if by themselves. There is no better driving training, and it is also fun!


Road safety also with the impeller

Although wheels and tricycles are considered toys and are not real vehicles, it is still important that the little ones are safe enough in handling them. If you live e.B. on a steeply sloping street, there is a risk that the child will lose control of the play vehicle on the street. That’s why we always recommend keeping an eye on the children. Up to eight years old, they have to move on the sidewalk or on private land, no matter what vehicle. When the children are eight years old, they are allowed to ride their bikes on the street or on the bike path.


Look like bicycles, but are not. And they are available in many pretty colors. In particular, the wheels from Early Rider have done it to us. They look like the first small mountain bikes. The wheels from Micro and QPlay are a bit more futuristic. With a cool design and bright colors, the models of Injusa and RoyalBaby are the right ones for the little rebels. If you prefer something timeless, you are in good hands with the Banwood brand: functionality, simple shapes, and high quality.


If you like the wooden look, you should look around at Leg&Go or Janod. The latter has a stylish orange balance bike that is more reminiscent of a motorcycle than a bicycle. Cute is also the wooden scooter by Moulin Roty, in turquoise, and with French flair. And if you like it very special and extraordinary, you will definitely find it at Rebel Kidz. Unique graphic design prints and perfect quality of construction await the little racers.


In front of the wheel comes the tricycle. Here the kids train the coordination of pedaling and steering, which is also an important preliminary exercise for later cycling. Modeled after a large bicycle with thick tread tires, the Trybike is the most casual variant. The nostalgic and very minimalist tricycle of Dorfgemeinschaft-Lautenbach, on the other hand, is reminiscent of earlier times and therefore pleases so much! Extremely cool is also the tricycle in retro look by Baghera. This trike is made of metal and very stable. Thanks to the running board, a second child can also ride along!


A bicycle helmet should not be dispensed with on the balance bike. Children can ride the balance bike pretty fast, and no one is safe from falls on the sidewalk either. An eye-catching helmet also increases visibility in road traffic. It is important that the helmet fits well and can be tightly but comfortably strapped to the chin. It is best to get advice here on site in the specialist trade.


Matching the wheel, there is of course also one or the other accessory that promises even more driving pleasure. With a sufficiently long lock, you can connect the wheel with your bike. Be sure to test whether the lock can also be attached to the impeller in a place that is really theft-proof.

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