What you should consider when buying a globe

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In many households today you will find a globe in different variants. Many people use these globes not only as a globe or world map but also as decoration, lamp, lamp or light due to the lighting and style. What else you should have a globe in the house, we explain to you in this post.

What exactly is a globe and since when has it existed?

A globe is the representation of our globe and shows our world map on a small scale. There are also celestial globes that represent the starry sky and show the planets, stars, and constellations surrounding us. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks knew that the earth is a sphere and allegedly made the first globe as early as 150 BC. The first globes were still made of cardboard, today they are available in modern form, even with lighting, and since the 20th century in digital form. Since the 18th century, Germany has been an important center for the production of globes. In 1921, the first luminous globe was sold here.

What learning content does a globe convey?

Since the 20th century, the globes have been produced in series production. This is due to the great need as a student globe. In earlier centuries, the globe was mainly important to scientists as they needed it in their work in astronomy and navigation. Today, a globe can teach us much more.

Some people today still defend the view that the earth is a disk. Through the globe, it can be beautifully shown that the earth is a sphere. In addition, the manufacturers have taken into account tilting the globe because the Earth’s axis is inclined by 23.5° compared to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

A globe conveys other important points that are part of everyone’s general knowledge. Especially for children, it is an important physical educational toy. Even from a children’s globe, you can read the following important points:

The representation of the world map on the globe is true to shape, area, angle, and length. A map cannot provide this representation.

The globe displays the geography and topography to scale.

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The globe represents all continents and national borders.

For this purpose, the capitals or important peculiarities of the countries are presented.

It also shows a political map image. Sometimes a historical one.

Particularly beautiful is the representation of all these elements on a luminous globe.

What should you consider when buying a luminous globe?

As I said, a globe for adults can be a stylistic decorative element. Or help with the next holiday planning or refresh the general knowledge. Who knows by heart all the countries of Europe and its capitals?

For children, a globe is still a playful element that also gives them important knowledge. From the age of 5, you can give your children a children’s globe.

Which products can we recommend to you?

There is a suitable globe for every need, every budget, and every age. For your children, we can offer you four popular products from Idena.

Of course, you will find a detailed explanation of each product on our page. For a short comparison, however, we have put together the most important points for you:

Idena 569906 student globe 18 cm political map picture

This unlit globe represents the political map image and your child can comfortably set it up or take it to school due to its small size. It is ready for immediate use upon delivery. Child-friendly, it is equipped with a sturdy stand. Due to the stylish design, you can also use it as a decoration.

Idena 569902 – Luminous globe 30 cm with halogen

This halogen luminous globe is also ideal as a learning tool and as a home accessory for indirect lighting. It has two maps and shows the physical map image unlit, with lighting it represents the political cartography. It comes with a main plug and cable and consists of a stand and globe ball. You can easily screw both together. It also has a sturdy plastic foot.

Idena 22904 – Luminous globe 30cm in antique style

This LED globe looks illuminated noble as its ancient style represents the sea beige. This makes it good as a decorative element in a study. In an unlit state, all countries are shown in color. Of course, the power supply is included.

Idena 22059 Children’s luminous globe with animal images 30 cm

This luminous globe makes children’s hearts beat faster. This makes learning fun. Here all the important details in the political map picture are colorfully highlighted. In addition, you will find typical animals or buildings such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris in certain places.

The globe has a sturdy black plastic base and comes completely assembled. It is immediately ready for use and is perfect both as a learning tool and for you as a decorative element.

Idena 10411 Children’s luminous globe with constellations 25 cm

This LED luminous globe shows a political map image with the various countries of the world in an unlit state and names their capitals. In the illuminated state, this luminous globe shows various constellations with their names. This luminous globe is a beautiful decorative element as well as an instructive learning tool for the school.

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