What types of Braces are Best Suited for Adults?

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Braces are Best Suited for Adults

A smile is the best makeup a person can wear.

However, sometimes you are embarrassed about your smile because of misaligned or crooked teeth. You should know that thousands of people like you in Australia are undergoing orthodontic treatment for adults specifically to get their magical smile back.

If you are also an adult considering tooth straightening – you are in luck – as they are several methods out there available for you. These range from traditional metal braces to straightening aligners, depending on the type of problem you need to resolve.

Of course, each brace type has pros and cons that your orthodontist will better tell you about.

Nevertheless, let’s discuss the different brace types available for adults.

1. Traditional Braces

Some years ago, traditional braces enjoyed immense popularity. They use metal brackets, elastic bands, and wires to settle your teeth in their correct position. Metal braces permanently adhere to your mouth and can only be removed by the dentist.

Plus, you should know that restrictions on specific food and drinks are possible.

However, with time, the negative connotations of traditional braces have reduced. Today, you have the choice of using ceramic braces. They are pretty helpful and deliver good results within a short period.

However, remember that they are not invisible and exert pressure on jaws and teeth.

2. Aligners

Invisalign is dominating the market in today’s time and is a popular choice for orthodontic treatment for adults. They straighten teeth with help from a custom-made series of invisible aligners that perfectly fit and offer great comfort. These are made from smooth and comfortable plastic and, with time, help your teeth fall into their place as per your dentist’s plans.

The good thing is you can remove them to eat or brush your teeth.

The downside is you have to visit your dentist often, preferably once in two weeks. Moreover, the results could take a long time to occur.

3. Lingual braces

Another popular choice for adults, lingual braces are attached to the backside of your teeth and practically make them invisible to the naked eye. Similar to traditional braces, they are made of wires and brackets. But their positioning is more discrete compared to theirs.

Your dentist must carefully examine your mouth to select the correct size.

Also, they are a bit on the expensive side and make you feel uncomfortable. Because the braces are at the backside, you can’t care for them properly. Further, the results take a longer time to accomplish.

4. Self-ligating braces

Similar to traditional braces, they use a sliding device instead of an elastic band to hold the wire. Plus, they permanently adhere to your teeth until your dentist removes them. So, you can’t take self-ligating braces off for any purpose or reason.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you have different brace types available to choose from. Before visiting an orthodontist, you should familiarize yourself with them. So, when you discuss it with your dentist, what they say doesn’t go above your head.

Plus, discuss your dental requirements and budget with them to come up with a choice that doesn’t empty your pocket.

Also, don’t get scared or embarrassed due to crooked teeth or adult brace choices. There is nothing wrong!

To get that gorgeous smile, look for a dentist with experience, knowledge, and proper technology to give you the desired results.