What Size ReadyMILLTM Do I Need to Buy with My 80% Lower Router Jig?

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If you’re looking for a truly universal 80% lower router jig that’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and packed with features, you almost can’t go wrong with the multiplatform Router Jig PRO, available online at 5D Tactical (5DTactical.com).

The Router Jig PRO is an extremely durable, advanced multi-platform jig capable of completing AR-15, AR-9, AR-45, and even AR-10/.308 80% lower receivers, in any material – guaranteed. It is a truly universal 80% lower jig kit.

It is extremely durable, with heat-treated, hardened steel wear surfaces, side plates and thick drill guides and bushings. It also features a glass-filled nylon router guide to minimize wear on the jig. It sets up easily, with a few screws, and never needs to be fully disassembled, even between lowers.

5D Tactical has also developed its proprietary ReadyMILLTM Milling Tool. Like the Router Jig PRO, their ReadyMILLTMs are exceptionally durable and rigid and produce optimal finished results in less time. They’re also compatible with a wide range of commercially available router tools.

What Is the ReadyMILLTM?

The ReadyMILLTM is the industry’s leading lower jig tool for router-based milling. The tool itself consists of a thermal fit tool holder which threads directly to the router. Threading directly to the router itself produces a stronger attachment and prevents the possibility of the end mill separating from the collet during use.

The tool itself accepts 5D Tactical’s custom 5/16” diameter end mill bit, which itself is optimized for milling 80% lower receivers. It is shorter than other end mill bits – at only 1.5” long – which reduces chatter while milling and enables the mill to withstand higher pressures than longer bits that would be subject to greater forces.

However, as there are many different models of routers available, you still need to be sure you’re choosing the right ReadyMILLTM for your platform.

What Size ReadyMILLTM Do I Need with the Router Jig PRO 80% Lower Router Jig?

The ReadyMILLTM is compatible with routers produced by:

  • Bauer: 19121 E-N and 19121 E-B: Size C
  • Bosch: PR10E and PR20EV: Size A
  • Craftsman: 28212: Size A; 2767, 27683, and 50429: Size D
  • Dewalt: DWE6000: Size Size A; DCW600B and DWP611: Size B; DW616: Size D
  • Hitachi: M12VC: Size D
  • Makita: XTR01Z and RT0701C: Size C
  • Porter Cable: 6430 and 6435: Size A; 450: Size B; 8902: Size D
  • Rigid: R24012: Size A
  • Skil: RT1322-00: Size D

In order to ensure operability, you must use only the ReadyMILLTM that is listed as compatible with your router. The model can be found on your router’s label.

The ReadyMILLTM is also compatible with the 80 Percent Arms FST-1 (Size C). For more information regarding router compatibility or what size you need to choose to complete your project, please consult the following link on the ReadyMILLTM and Router Compatibility.

If you have additional questions, you can reach out to 5D Tactical directly regarding their 80% lower router jig kits or ReadyMILLTM. They can be reached at 508-834-4223 or at [email protected]

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