What settings does Mongraal use?

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This article will cover advanced box fighting techniques that can help you take your gaming skills to the next step.

Before we begin to analyze it step-by-step, it is important to understand the reasons this technique is so effective in inbox fighting. When pushing a boxed-up player, “Mongraal’s Classic” is used. It can be used to ensure that the opponent you are pushing is invulnerable and gives you an opportunity to outplay them.

To learn the movement, it is important to analyze it and understand every step.

  1. Rebuild your enemy’s wall – PRO TIP! Switch to your shotgun immediately after each pickaxe swing, to be ready for a counter edit by your enemy.
  2. Edit your wall in a 4-square edit: This will allow for more shots. You can choose which one you prefer. You can try both, and choose what feels more comfortable to you.
  3. After you have edited your wall, build a ramp immediately! This is a crucial step!

You get two advantages when you build a ramp right after editing your wall.

You can gain control of the box area of your enemy. He cannot place a cone or ramp to block your path.

Your opponent will most likely try to shoot you once you have edited your wall. You can block the shot by inserting your ramp into his box. This will also make the enemy enter the shotgun cooldown.

PRO TIP: You can build a ramp as quickly as possible if you are using normal editing settings in mongraal settings. To build a ramp, hold your left mouse click after you press your edit keybind. The edit will be confirmed by pressing the ramp build keybind. Let’s say you are using “G” for editing. Instead of pressing “G”, edit your wall by holding your left click and confirming the edit. Then, build a ramp immediately. Once the edit has been confirmed, the ramp will be built.

  1. Make sure to edit your ramp: A half edit with you facing your opponent is the easiest.
  2. Take aim and shoot your opponent
  3. To stop your opponent’s shooting at you, reset your edited wall! This step can be skipped if your opponent is not feeling well. You might spray him with your AR/SMG. Turbo building is a good option to reset your wall. This will ensure that your opponent doesn’t rebuild your wall.

What settings does Shroud use?

These are Shroud’s most recent Valorant settings, which he used in 2021. We have Shroud’s custom crosshair, keybindings, and video settings so you can replicate his setup. Shroud’s settings will give you the best performance and optimization from Valorant.

Shroud Valorant Settings – Key Bindings & Keyboard

Crouch – Left Ctrl

Walk – Left Shift

Jump – Spacebar

Ability 1 – E

Ability 2 – Q

Ability 3 – C

Ultimate Ability – X

Shroud Valorant Settings: Mouse

DPI – 450

In-game Sensitivity = 0.78

eDPI – 351.

Scoped Sensitivity – 1

The polling rate is 1000

Windows Sensitivity – 6

Shroud Valorant Settings: Crosshair

Crosshairs are personal preferences. However, you can learn how to create the perfect crosshair in shroud valorant settings. Or, try Shroud’s crosshair app to see if it works well on your gaming computer.

Colour – Cyan

Inner Lines – 1 / 8 / 2 / 5

Outlines – On / 1 / 1

Outer Lines – 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

Center Dot – Discount

Fade – Off

Movement Error – Off

Firing Error – Off

It is essential to understand firing errors and movement errors in order to determine how they affect accuracy. Both settings can be toggled in the shooting range to see how they impact the crosshair visuals. You will notice that your crosshair becomes larger if you leave both the shooting range and crosshair settings on.

Shroud Valorant Map settings

Rotate – Based On Side

Keep the Player Centered – Off

Minimap Size – 0.978

Minimap Zoom – 0.8443

Minimap Vision Cones – On

Show Map Region Names – Never

Shroud Valorant Video Settings

Material Quality – Excellent

Anti-Aliasing – MSAA 4X

Detail Quality – Very High

Anisotropic Filtering – 8x

High Texture Quality

Increase Clarity – Take Action

UI Quality – Low

Bloom – Off

Vignette – Off

Distortion – Off

Vsync – Off

First Person Shadows – On

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