What is the Job Profile of an SSC Stenographer? Where are the Candidates Appointed After Selection?

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SSC Stenographer Grade C and Grade D exam is conducted every year by the Staff Selection Commission. This exam aims to select ideal candidates for the post of Stenographer.

The exam consists of both written and skill-based tests with multiple-choice questions. Candidates who bag optimal scores in both tests are selected for various postings as stenographers.

If you will be preparing for the SSC Stenographer 2022 exam, you must know about the job profile and appointment structure of an SSC stenographer. Below is the information about the same.

What is the Job Profile of an SSC Stenographer?

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The role of stenographers includes the following.

Getting the Press Conference Briefs

As a stenographer, your job includes attending press conferences, collecting important information during conferences, and creating press releases.

Speech Writing

Stenographers are in direct touch with senior officials and act as their secretaries. You will be required to note the speeches of the officers.

Hence, the shorthand writing speed of the Stenographer must be at least 80 words per minute (for English) and 65 words per minute (for Hindi).

Providing Assistance in Government Affairs

You need to assist ministers and officers in day-to-day government proceedings and events.

Maintaining Seamless Public Relations

Stenographers help public relations professionals know about the government’s views and responses on various topics. They gather relevant information from the government’s end and transfer it to PR professionals.

Here are some perks of being a Grade C/Grade D SSC Stenographer –

  • Scope of promotions based on your performance
  • Good pay scale with incentives and allowances
  • Flexible and secured job

 Where are Candidates Appointed After Selection?

Once selected, grade C employees will be posted in central regions of the country. They will work in the central government premises in some of the following areas–

  • Armed Forces Headquarters
  • Election Commission of India
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • President’s Secretariat
  • Indian Foreign Services

Grade D stenographers are appointed at different departments and ministries of the central government, which are usually located in Delhi or some metropolitan cities. Moreover, grade D employees are grouped into X and Y. Grade D employees generally work under Grade C employees and other senior officials.

Group X Stenographers are appointed in the following departments –

  • Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Railways
  • Central Secretariat Service
  • Armed Forces Headquarters
  • Directorate of Forensic Science
  • Central Secretariat

Group Y stenographers take charge in –

  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India
  • Subordinate Government Offices
  • Controller General of Defence Accounts

In case there is a request for mutual transfer, Grade D employees can get home posting. Though it is very rare.

 What is the Pay Scale of an SSC Stenographer?

The salary of grade C and grade D stenographers is decided by SSC as per the recent pay commission.

For grade C – 14,500 INR is the current basic pay

For grade D – 7, 600 INR is the current basic pay

Along with the basic pay, they get house rent allowance, dearness allowance, medical allowance, and transport allowance which varies depending upon job location and other factors.

For grade C – 50, 682 INR is the gross salary

For grade D – 37, 515 INR is the gross salary

Clearing the SSC stenographer exam opens up the door of opportunities for you. It is a secured job with an attractive pay scale and perks.

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