What is the Average Price of App Development?

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The average cost of developing an MVP stage app is $105,000.

$35,000 is the median cost to create an actual proof of concept app, and

12,500 is the cost for a prototype app.

These numbers are based upon 30 Dream Walk projects between 2018-2020.

 What amount of money is required to create an app?

When developing an app, you will not only have to pay design and programming fees. Other costs such as server fees, Apple developer accounts subscriptions, ongoing maintenance expenses, and third-party costs should also be considered.

An app startup would typically expect to spend the following:

  1. Server fees

Servers can cost between $10 and $10,000 per month, depending on how many users you have, how much data is being sent and received, and what services you offer.

To get you started, hosting companies such as Heroku and Amazon AWS offer free hosting tiers. Some apps may only require an accessible level so a free deck might be enough. Some apps will require more server processing or have more users quickly, and in these cases, a free tier may not be enough.

Amazon Free Tier

Heroku App Hosting

  1. Developer Accounts

To be able for your app to appear in the Apple or Android app stores, you will need to subscribe to their developer programs. Google charges a one-time $20 charge to become an Android developer, and apple charges an annual 100 subscription fee.

Android Developer Program

Apple Developer Program

  1. Permanent Maintenance

To keep your app up-to-date and live, expect to spend at most $2,000 per year on maintenance. The cost of major operating system updates by Apple or Google, significant updates to third-party services, or extensive framework updates could be significantly higher.

You may want to modify your app based on user feedback or usage data. The changes you want to make will determine the development cost. We recommend that you allocate at least 10% to your total budget for post-launch iterations or additions.

  1. Marketing

Marketing for your app can be as expensive or as low as you wish. The industry you are in, the target audience, your budget, and your desired outcomes will influence your marketing strategy.

Some apps have spent zero on marketing and become tremendous success stories, while others have spent millions. Apps require some form of marketing, and your app’s success depends on your marketing strategy, and you should budget accordingly.

Jam App Marketing Case Study

  1. Services of third parties

These are some third-party services that you may include in your app, along with the pricing.

Mail gun – Sending system emails

$35-$90 per month with a free option

Twilio – Sending SMS

$0.055 p/message

Forest Admin – App Administration

$24-$48 p/m when you add a free option


$499 p/m

What is the cost of developing an android app?

Android app development costs are very similar to iOS development. Prices typically range from $50,000 to $250,000 . Android development offshore is typically slightly less expensive due to the lower entry barrier.

What is the cost of developing an iOS app?

iOS app development costs are very similar to Android development, with prices usually ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. Due to the higher barrier of entry, iOS development can be slightly more costly than when it is done offshore.

What makes app development so costly?

App development is expensive due to high labor costs. Employees with programming and design skills can earn high salaries in Australia and elsewhere around the globe.

Apps are software programs that have been developed over a long time by specialists. This involves extensive planning, design, and programming. Planning, designing, building, testing, and maintaining an app takes time, and the development costs will go up if the app takes longer to develop.

Is it possible to build an app with no money?

Although it is possible to create an app for free, it is not always easy. There are many options: You can build it yourself, raise startup capital from investors, or find a technical cofounder.

You can read my post “Making an App with No Money” on the Dream Walk blog for a more detailed explanation of building apps with limited resources.

What is the cost of hiring an app developer?

You can hire an mobile app developers in Melbourne for $75-$100/hour if you want to design and manage your app.

While hiring an app development company will run you $100-$200 an hour, your time commitment to the project is much lower. It will save you money to hire professionals to design and manage your app, and they have experience in the field and can create and manage an app within a budget.

There are many ways to hire a developer to create your app. The cost of each engagement will vary depending on which model you choose. Three engagement models are typical for app development agencies: Fixed price, time and materials, or flat-fee agile.


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