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   PEO service, a professional employer organization, is an outsourcing firm that performs services to small and medium-sized businesses. The organization takes part as a co-employment arrangement by leasing employees to the employer. PEO service manages and shares several employee-related liabilities and responsibilities. It may offer human resource outsourcing, payroll administration, workers’ compensation, health benefits, employee benefits, payroll tax filing, risk and safety services and employment taxes. The service undertakes legal and administrative tasks, so employers do not have to be involved in or deal with these responsibilities.


PEO services work with accounting firms and small manufacturers to doctors and mechanics. A wide range of professionals can benefit from PEO services, including:

  • Business services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Wholesale
  • Transportation & Utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Other (finance, insurance, public administration, mining markets and real estate)


  • Deals with comprehensive HR (Human Resource) services for employers include HR compliance, payroll processing, risk management, employment tax, employee benefits and time and attendance management.
  • Helps with the recruitment of new employees and reducing employee turnover.
  • Save time so you can concentrate on your company’s day-to-day operations and expansion.
  • Contributes to lowering liability for paying wages, payroll taxes, and state unemployment taxes.
  • Enables your company to become more appealing to current and prospective employees.


   A PEO service offers numerous benefits to employers and companies by undertaking administrative and legal tasks. Some firms, tiny enterprises, have limited resources to meet all of their obligations while also focusing on employee recruitment, onboarding, and development. However, companies can transfer their human resource (HR) services to a separate provider and re-organize their tools and processes with the aid of a professional employer organization (PEO, allowing their firm to expand and prosper. These are the benefits that professional employer organization provides:


  • Beneficial assistance

When looking for a professional employer organization, it might be advantageous to choose one that handles HR responsibilities and provides helpful advice to assist businesses to prosper. It could entail growing a solid customer support team and offering innovative onboarding and training options. A PEO can also help enterprises determine the pros and cons of recruiting part-time or full-time employees and how each affects a company’s performance, payroll, and benefit possibilities.

  • Payroll

PEO services also manage a company’s payroll, including sick-day accrual, tax withholdings, and paperwork. A PEO typically set up an automatic payroll system that pays employees via direct deposit on particular days of the month. They also offer pay stubs to employees and businesses, making calculating and record-keeping more straightforward.

  • Compliance

PEOs have compliance professionals that can assist you in protecting your company from fines and penalties. Payroll tax law and reporting requirements, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, hiring and HR compliance occur among their competence areas.

  • Company growth

Companies and businesses can focus on their primary missions, revue generation and productivity, while PEO services deal with administrative tasks. Besides, they can concentrate on corporate growth and development if the burden of recruiting and onboarding is taken from them by PEOs. As a result, companies and businesses can grow more quickly and easily.

  • Retirement plans

Employees can benefit from PEO’s retirement alternatives. The alternatives can assist individuals in saving money for retirement and even allow businesses to design valuable programs to help retain employees for a more extended period, lowering employee turnover rates.

  • Employee performance

PEO services can also assist businesses and companies in developing and implementing effective employee performance strategies. Moreover, PEOs might assist with employee training and development, as well as the creation and maintenance of online learning systems and the creation of defined training objectives to help firms enhance employee productivity.


   If you consider partnering with a PEO, you should check some significant aspects before choosing the exemplary PEO service. Here are a few things you should take into account while determining a PEO:

  • Service

You should check what kind of service and what quality of service PEOs will offer you. Some PEOs may serve additional services such as training. Smaller businesses can benefit greatly from these services since they provide excellent opportunities for professional growth and the capacity to leverage the current employee.

  • Cost

PEO services’ pricing structure works in two ways: a percentage of total salary (3–8%) or a set annual fee per employee. When comparing prices, figure out which structure works best for your business, then evaluate PEOs based on the services they offer and the prices they charge.

  • Incorporation

PEOs can give consistent administration and improved technology. It would help if you inquired about the technology they provide and whether they will continue to use applications you have previously acquired while choosing a PEO. Finding a solution that works well with your existing processes can be crucial in your decision.

  • Expertise and Experience

Assess the internal staff’s level of expertise. Because the PEO will be in charge of critical papers and services, having a thorough awareness of your sector and your geographic location will be highly beneficial.

  • Tailored Benefits

Will the PEO be able to meet the specific requirements of your workforce? It will be better to contact your employees before choosing a service and determining their needs since these demands can differ.

  • Reference

Requesting references from current clients and members of your professional network from a PEO can be advantageous for you to determine whether the PEO will be right for you or not.


   PEO service in Turkey helps companies and businesses to source their employment systems and policies. The service enables businesses to hire employees in Turkey without forming a legal corporation. PEO services in Turkey provide you with a simple way to engage people, test markets, and adapt to changing company demands in Turkey. Using PEO services in Turkey, you may gain control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing talent or time to market. While corporations concentrate on the company’s goals and success, PEO services handle all employees’ human resources, benefits, payroll, and tax requirements.

ERAI Turkey undertakes all of the legal and managing responsibilities on behalf of your companies, so you can perform an activity without the need to establish a legal entity. Being one of the PEO services in Turkey, ERAI Turkey can guide you to outsource your administrative tasks. You can contact ERAI Turkey to get detailed information if you are looking for a PEO service in Turkey.

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