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Canon printers have been in the market for a long time and have proven their reliability and worth from time to time. It offers a wide range of products suitable for both offices and homes at a very reasonable price. Other than printers, Canon has produced a lot of other products like cameras, lenses, other equipment. It is not only a well-known brand in the market, but it is also considered to be the best in the field. According to a lot of researches, it is found that Canon is proven as a competitor and has a huge loyal customer base.

To keep your Canon printer working smoothly and avoid issues, you need to keep it updated. Therefore, we have come up with this post to explain what ij.start.cannon is and why you need to use it. Also, check out how you can use this website to install your Canon printer.

What is Ij.start.cannon Website?

When setting up or updating your printer, you will have to download the printer drivers from different locations. This makes the task tedious for most people. To make this process easier, Canon has created a portal where you will get all the printer drivers on a single website.

Ij.start.cannon is an online portal where you will get all the updates for your printer included all the models of the printer. You will find a precise and complete guide for the installation of the printer and also, setup of the printer. The portal is safe to use and can be used for free. You no more have to visit different websites. All drivers will be available on a single platform.

Preliminary Preparation for ij.start.cannon Setup 

Now, to carry out any process, you will have to perform preliminary steps so that you can complete the process without any issues. Below we have mentioned all the preliminary preparations to complete ij.start.cannon setup.

  • To start with, you will have to make sure that you have the correct model number of your printer before you begin the installation process.
  • Ensure that the system on which you are attempting to download the drivers has enough storage. This is because if you do not have enough storage, you can face issues while installing drivers.
  • Make sure that you have connected your printer properly to the power outlet.
  • Also, to run your system smoothly, you will have to make sure that you have an active internet connection and it has enough range to connect to your printer.
  • Lastly, make sure that the network that you are using has WPA and WPA2 protocol For security.

Download Canon Printer Drivers Via Ij.start.cannon Website

As mentioned, you can easily download all your required printer drivers using ij.start.cannon website. Below we have listed all the steps that you need to follow to download Canon printer drivers.

  • For this, you will have to first turn on your system and then connect it to the wifi network.
  • After this, on your Browser’s address bar, you will have to type start.cannon and hit the enter key. You will now be redirected to the website.
  • Next, you will have to click on the setup tab. It will then redirect you to the selection window for the product.
  • You will now have to type all the correct details related to your printer. The model number of your printer will be present at the back of the printer.
  • When done, you will have to click on the Go option. In the next window, you will see the operating system option. Choose the operating system that you are using and if needed, change it according to the need.
  • After this, click on the download option. The downloading process will begin on the system.
  • Wait till the downloading process completes. When the process will complete, you will have to save the file to a location of your choice.

Install Canon Printer

Now that you have downloaded all the printer drivers and other important software, you will have to install Canon printer. You can use different methods to install Canon printers. One is the wired method and the other is a wireless method. Check out the steps related to both below.

Install Canon Printer Wirelessly

  • First, you will have to ensure that you have turned on your printer and connected it properly.
  • You will then have to verify if your printer has installation software or not.
  • After this, you will have to make sure to connect your printer to the network of your choice.
  • When done, ensure that you have connected your system and the printer to the same wireless network.

Install Canon Printer Using Wired Network

  • To start with, you need to go through the complete guide that you will receive with your Canon printer. Also, if not that, you can choose to search for related information on the internet.
  • After this, you will have to connect your Canon printer to the system using a USB cable.
  • When done, you will have to turn on your printer again.
  • Let your printer check and detect the printer drivers.
  • You will then have to install all the printer drivers again. If you do not have any disk, you will have to download the drivers from the official website.
  • After this, you will have to click on the downloaded file and then install all the drivers on the systems.
  • Try printing a test page and check if you have connected your printer properly to the system.

To Conclude

Ij.start.cannon is your One-stop solution for all your required drivers. With all the steps mentioned above, you can download canon printer drivers via ij.start.cannon website. Also, the full process to install canon printer is provided in the article. We hope that this has helped you. However, if you get stuck at any point, we suggest you seek technical help.

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