What are the expansion strategies for startups in Delhi?

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As revealed by the Economic Survey 2021-22, Delhi is now the country’s start-up capital outperforming Bengaluru, in terms of the total number of start-ups launched since April 2019. According to the survey, from April 2019 to December 2021, Delhi experienced the addition of over 5,000 start-ups with Bengaluru having 4,514 recognised start-ups.

If you’re planning to shift base to Delhi or about to establish a start-up in the city, this is the right time to do so. And if you’re worried about the skyrocketing rental of traditional office spaces in the city, why not choose coworking space in Delhi? You won’t need to set up the infrastructure or think about operational costs. These spaces offer top-notch amenities, from high-speed Internet to a pantry. You just need to pay a nominal security deposit and a reasonable membership fee to start operating from there.

Here’re a couple of expansion strategies taken up by the Delhi government to take the start-up ecosystem further.

Launch of a new start-up policy

After the city was declared the start-up capital of India, the Delhi government recently announced that it would be launching a new policy for start-ups. Under this policy, it’ll provide young and upcoming entrepreneurs with financial support, access to investors, and offer infrastructure to scale businesses. The government has finalised this policy after having a consultation with all stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, industry bodies, experts, angel investors, and top bureaucrats, and it’ll soon be placed before the cabinet.

Launch of a new televised event

In November 2021, the Delhi government launched a first-of-its-kind TV show for school children, namely the “Business Blasters.” In this program, students of classes eleven and twelve can present their start-up ideas to investors and receive investment capital to take their initiatives forward. As hon’ble deputy CM Manish Sisodia said, this is the world’s largest start-up program with INR 60 Crore available as seed capital to be grabbed by the students. Each of the participating students will be given INR 2,000 as seed money. The teams can use this seed money to either create social impact or earn profit. This show essentially acts as a launchpad for young students’ start-up ideas and encourages their problem-solving mindset and confidence.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of affordable shared office spaces or expansion strategies for start-ups in Delhi. Add to these a robust pool of innovative minds, a highly-skilled workforce, and the availability of angel investors and venture capital firms, and you can easily understand why Delhi has become one of the sought-after destinations for start-ups in the country.


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