What are the Different Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

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Mattress Sizes

For regular people, buying mattresses can be a little too complicated. In order to make sure you get the greatest mattress, you must be aware of a number of crucial criteria. This is because a poor mattress will result in less than ideal sleep, an exhausted body, and decreased productivity and efficiency in everyday activities.

While the fundamental physical characteristics like fabric, feel, and make are all significant, size and dimensions are another critical factor that influences your choice of mattress.

Which Mattress Size Is Right for You?

People all sleep in different ways. While some people enjoy a more relaxed position when they sleep, others are more at ease in compact positions. The size of your bedroom, the people with whom you share a bed, and your budget, in addition to your own tastes, all contribute to determining the ideal mattress size for you.

How closely you sleep next to the other person will also influence the mattress you choose.

Guide to Standard Sizes and Dimensions for Mattresses (inches)

Queen: 72 x 60

Single: 72 x 36

Twin: 72 x 42

Queen XL: 72 x 66

Queen – 78 x 78

King – 78 x 78

  1. Dimensions of a single-size mattress are 72 inches (L) by 36 inches (W)

The best space for the Single-size mattress is one that is at least 10 feet by 7 feet. One of the mattresses that sell the most frequently on the market is the tiny mattress, which is best suited for kids and teenagers. But for people who are fully matured, singlemattresses are typically not smart options. Single-size mattresses may be an option if you require additional space to spread out while you sleep.

2. Dimensions of a queen-size mattress are 72 inches by 60 inches

One of the most common mattress sizes among couples is the queen. The mattress is a wonderful match for a master bedroom and works best in spaces that are at least 10 feet by 10 feet in size. Couples can sleep on a Queen-sized mattress, but if both people need a lot of space to spread out, the mattress might not be big enough.

3. Dimensions of a queen-size XL mattress are 72 inches by 66 inches

The larger cousin of the queen size mattress, the queen XL, is perfect for couples who require extra room to spread out comfortably. A larger room is preferred even though the mattress can fit in one that is at least 10 feet by 10 feet in size.

4. King-size mattress measurements are 72 by 72 inches

King single mattresses are wider than Queen XL, providing plenty of room for couples to spread out while they sleep. If the parents don’t need a lot of room to sleep, the mattress can also accommodate a child.

The ideal option for a master bedroom that is at least 11 feet by 11 feet is a king-size mattress. When you’re sleeping companion shifts positions frequently or gets up and down throughout a single sleep session, the bigger sleeping area ensures little disruption. You can also choose a split King-size mattress, which consists of two mattresses that are put side by side and measure 72″ by 36″. Couples who prefer different mattresses for body support and sleep comfort may benefit from splitting.


You can rest well without being concerned about the amount of room on your bed if your mattress is the proper size. A mattress that also offers the best support and comfort is one that has the ideal height added to the composition.