What are the best online talent platforms to hire ReactJs developers from India?

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Sources suggest that there are 15,851,482 websites currently built with React.

According to the 2021 Stack Overflow Developers Survey, ReactJS beat jQuery to become the most used web framework.

That means React is loved by both companies that leverage it and the developers who work with it.

The reason is obvious. The many advantages that it offers.

And if you, too, want to leverage ReactJS for your next web project, you need a team of ReactJS developers. And not just any ReactJS developer, expert ReactJS developers.

And India is no doubt the best location to hire React.js developers.


For one, Indian tech talent is unmatched.

  • 30% of the Fortune 500 companies have Indian CEOs
  • 1/3rd of the engineers in Silicon Valley (USA) are Indians.

And two, Indian ReactJS developers cost way less than contemporaries from elsewhere.

The average React developer

● Charges $60.26 per hour in the US
● Charges £29.49 per hour (that’s roughly $32) in the UK
● Charges CHF 58.33 per hour (Close to $60) in Switzerland
● Charges ₹ 513 per hour (Around $6.3) in India

The cost advantage is significant. Ready to get the best talent at the most affordable costs? Begin your search for Indian ReactJS developers today!

But how? Skip through the long hunt for suitable candidates and find the right React.js developers from these 5 online platforms.

3 Best online talent platforms to hire Indian ReactJs developers

Below we have mentioned the 3 best online platforms that you can use to hire ReactJS developers from India.

All these platforms:

  1. Have a large base of Indian ReactJS developers to choose from
  2. Have a simple and streamlined process for hiring React.js developers
  3. Have been trusted by top global enterprises for their hiring needs
  4. Are genuine, trustworthy sources for hiring Indian tech talent.


Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplace platforms. On Upwork, you can find React.js developers from 180 countries, including India. When compared with its contemporaries like Toptal, Freelancer, etc. Upwork has an upper hand. This is primarily because it has a wider talent pool and costs way less.

The process

Step 1 – Create an employer profile on Upwork.

Step 2 – Post a job and get freelancers to apply for the job. (Don’t forget to mention that you are looking for Indian ReactJs developers only).

Alternatively, you can also search for ReactJS developers from India by visiting here. Then directly get in touch with the developer you feel fits your needs. For directly inviting freelance ReactJS developers to work, you’ll have to use your connects/invites, 3 of which you get for free)

The cost of using Upwork

Upwork has the following plans that you can choose from

Plan Cost
Basic Free (You pay the freelancer as per their set rate + 3% to Upwork for admin and payment processing)
Plus $49.99 /month (includes premium customer support + 15 freelancer invites instead of 3)
Enterprise Contact Upwork for quotes

The key advantages of Upwork

  • Simple hiring process.
  • You can see the reviews and past customer ratings for the ReactJS developer.
  • The payment process is safe and streamlined.

The shortcomings of Upwork:

  • Given that Upwork is a global platform, most Indian ReactJS developers have high hourly rates.

Thus, you are likely to lose out on some of the Indian cost advantages while hiring ReactJS developers from Upwork.

Upwork Talent Scout

Upwork has recently launched its Talent Scout program where you can connect with expert recruiters and fill key positions on your team – like a ReactJS developer – with ease. This eliminates the hassle of posting jobs, checking candidate profiles, and verifying their claims.

Here’s how the process is expected to work –

With Talent Scout you can find premium talent with very little effort on your part. Just let the recruiters know that you need a ReactJS developer from India and you’ll be good to go.

You can learn more about Upwork Talent Scout here.

Uplers Talent Solution

Uplers – which started as a dedicated IT service provider in 2012 – is now one of the most-trusted talent connect platforms that offer top Indian talent.

With a bench of 50+ ReactJS developers, it is one of the most dedicated and easy-to-use platforms for hiring developers in India.

The process

Step 1 – Visit this link to get started.

Step 2 – Choose what technology you want to hire for. (React, available under the web development category, in this case.) Given that Uplers has the top 3.5% of Indian tech talent on board, you don’t need to specifically mention India.

Step 3 – Select what level of experience and expertise you need. (Junior, Mid, or Senior level)

Step 4 – Upload or copy/paste your job description.

Step 5 – Answer a couple of general and behavioral questions so that the Uplers team can connect you with an Indian ReactJS developer who fits your needs and work culture both.

Step 6 – Enter your name, work email, and phone number.

Step 7 – Sit back and relax while Uplers finds the perfect ReactJS match for you.

The cost of using Uplers

The estimated cost of hiring ReactJS developers from Uplers is around $2000 per month. That’s roughly $12/hour.

The key advantages of Uplers

  • You get access to the top 3.5% of Indian tech talent.
  • Uplers follows a rigorous talent vetting process so you can rest assured about the quality.

  • You can save up to 50% on React.js developer salaries.
  • The hiring process is simple and you can onboard talent in as quick as 72 hours.
  • You also get payroll and HR services from Uplers when you hire ReactJS developers from them.
  • If you don’t like the suggested profiles or they don’t match your requirements, you can get other shortlisted profiles to choose from. No question asked.

The shortcomings of Uplers

  • If you are a hands-on type of recruit looking for active involvement in the process of hiring ReactJS developers, you won’t get that with Uplers. The talent is pre-vetted and all you need to do is to interview and hire.


One of the most-used and faster-growing platforms for businesses, LinkedIn is a B2B bliss. And just like you can find clients using LinkedIn, you can also find dedicated ReactJS developers in India.

The process

Step 1 – Search for ReactJS developers.

Step 2 – Add a location filter to only see ReactJS developers from India

Step 3 – Connect with the suitable ReactJS developers and if they are interested, onboard them for your project.

Other alternatives include

  • Posting a job on LinkedIn and getting applications from candidates
  • Sharing a post with your network (with the right hiring hashtags) to get references.
  • Using LinkedIn Hiring/Talent solutions.

The cost of using LinkedIn

Connecting and communicating with ReactJS developers and offering them a job on LinkedIn is absolutely free. You can also post 1 free job posting every month to get applications from interested candidates.

For premium LinkedIn Recruiter and Hiring Solutions, visit the official website and contact sales for more details.

The key advantages of LinkedIn

  • Access to a vast majority of Indian ReactJS developer pool
  • Option to directly connect with the developers and discuss your project/job requirements.

The shortcomings of LinkedIn

  • Not all ReactJS developers you’ll find on LinkedIn are looking for a job. Finding the right candidate is more of a hit-and-miss.
  • You need to carry out document verification and background check for the candidates on your own.

Hire the right ReactJs developers from India Today

Based on your preference, you can use either of the aforementioned platforms to hire ReactJs developers from India.

Here’s a quick TL;DR roundup to help you make the right call faster:

  1. Use Upwork if you are looking for freelancers and don’t have high-end React.js requirements
  2. Use LinkedIn if you have a team of technical recruiting experts who can find, sort, verify, and onboard Indian React.js developers.
  3. Use Uplers Talent Solution if you need the fastest, no-fuss, and completely hands-off ways of hiring ReactJS developers from India.

Once you have on boarded the right developers, you can get your web project started and finished soon.