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Finned tubes are commonly utilized for heat exchangers. However, you might be wondering what finned tubes are and why they’re preferred over standard tubes in exchangers. Here’s all you need to be aware of about finned tubes.

What Are Finned Tubes?

extruded finned tube are flat tubes composed of carbon steel. They are fabricated equipped with aluminum fins brazed. These tubes are employed as a group within heat exchangers. The benefit they provide over standard tubes is that fins provide more contact with the liquid outside. This speeds up transfer of heat within the tube and the liquid outside. If a tube was normal, the temperature of exchange would be more slow. Finned tubes are available in a variety of shapes. They are available in round tubes, oval tubes as well as flat tubes.

What Are Their Uses?

The Finned Tubes are especially useful in the context of the air exchangers. For an air exchanger the transfer of heat has to occur between gas and liquid. Because that the coefficient for heat transfer between the two lower the finned tube could prove extremely useful. Finned tubes increase the area of the tube and aids in the faster transfer of heat between the parts.

Example of Fin Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers made of Fin tubes can be utilized in home appliances as well as industry heat exchangers. Heat exchangers made of fin tubes are utilized in air conditioners and radiators for cars. The reason for using finned tubes in an air conditioner would be to chill the air that passes through it. In a car radiator they cool the fluid within the tube along with air that flows through with crossflow.

Advantages of Using Finned Tubes

Finned tubes provide a number of advantages:

Increase Heat Transfer Rate

The fins of finned tubes increase the area of contact. This makes it easier to speed up the rate of heat transfer.

Improve Heat Transfer Coefficient

In a typical tube, the outer area is approximately the same or even slightly different from the inside surface area. In this case the liquid with the lowest coefficient of heat transfer will be driving the whole temperature transfer. A finned tube can increase the area of the tube significantly. This is especially beneficial as the thermal transfer efficiency of the liquid inside the tube is higher than that of the liquid in the outside.

Reduces Size of the Equipment and Makes Project Cost Efficient

Finned tubes are able to significantly increase the area of the tube. Utilizing a finned tube may reduce the amount of tubes utilized in the process. This leads to a substantial reduction in the dimensions that the machine. In the long term it could lead to an increase in the price for the undertaking.

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