Ways to Keep Macarons Fresh Using Custom Macaron Boxes

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Macaron Boxes


Macarons are one the cutest snacks you can munch on. These were originally French cookies. The combination consists of two cookies and cream. They come in a variety of colors, including green, purple yellow, red and every other color. These color coatings make it more delicious and appealing.

Packaging industry

After the main product manufacturing industries, the packaging industry is second in importance. After a product has been manufactured, it must be moved to warehouses before being shipped to other locations or to retail shops for further sales. It must be protected and sealed until it reaches its destination. The packaging industry serves many purposes.

The role of macaron boxes to keep macarons fresh

It takes a long time before a macaron can be made, put in a bakery display for sales purposes, then it can be eaten. During this time, a number of events may occur. Sometimes the macarons are sold within an hour, while others can take several days. It is important to keep these cookies fresh until they reach their intended destination. We will then discuss six unique and innovative ways to keep macarons fresh with custom macaron boxes.

  • The best quality paper stock

The most commonly used paper stock types are corrugated, cardboard and kraft. The best quality paper stock for your product is the one that fits it the best. Corrugated boxes are a great option for packaging your product. Kraft or cardboard can be used to make a macaron carton.

  • UV spot lamination

One way to prevent the entry of harmful UV rays is by using UV spot lamination. This type of lamination can not be done directly on nude boxes, but they can be considered an add-on option.

  • The box’s size and shape

Brands must be aware of the size and shape of their boxes in order to establish their identity and individuality. Sizes can either be standardized or customized to meet different standards. The shape of your product will depend on how the designer designs it.

  • Sun protection

Windowpanes are generally preferred by brands and people to be included in boxes. However, if you have a bakery item that is sensitive to the sun and has UV rays, windowpanes can help protect the product from harmful UV rays.

  • Temperature maintenance

It is vital that the temperature inside the box remains at the right temperature as macarons must stay within it. Baking items can be affected by temperature. These can cause the bakery items to go sour or spoil. To prevent this, ensure that the box thickness is chosen so that macarons can be kept at a certain temperature inside.

  • Enough quantity per box

The proper amount of product should be included in each box. Each box should have a uniform size. Only a certain number of macarons should go in each box to ensure that they are equal in size and weight. This allows the customer to easily transport the box from point of manufacture to point of use.


Freshness is the most important quality in edible food. We always seek out freshness and quality when we eat food. Your brand should be able to promise, guarantee and make customers believe in it. This will make a lasting impression and help you generate more revenue than any of your competitors. Your brand’s success will be easier if you provide quality information and market the right information. Consider the details of custom macaron box packaging.