Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos & Meanings 2022

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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of mini tattoos. She has inked 10 times using delicate and meaningful images. In comparison to other famous artists’ works her collection appears tiny. The first piece she purchased was from some of the New York parlors, ten years ago. Since then, Hudgens has been consistently updating her look each year.



The most prominent tattoo is located on the left side of her neck, which is it’s a butterfly. It’s also the first tattoo that the actress wore in the year 2011. It’s a symbol of significance to Vanessa because her name is translated into a butterfly Spanish. “A butterfly landed on my mom’s stomach a week before I was born and that’s how I got my name because Vanessa means butterfly” The 32-year-old singer explained.


Vanessa painted OM signs on both her pinkies. The symbol originates in Hinduism and is thought to be a powerfuland positive symbol that sends positive energy. It’s frequently chanted with a beat prior to holy ceremonies in Hinduism as well as Buddism. It’s unclear if Vanessa is a follower of these religions However, she definitely was compelled to imprint the sign in a symmetrical manner and on both fingers.


To the left of her side-boob, she tattooed a tiny subtle sunflower design. The tattoo was done in January 2022, when Vanessa first posted the ink on her Instagram account. The post received the thumbs up from nearly two million people.


A few months later, Vanessa returned to her favorite “Bang Bang Tattoo” studio to have her angel tattoo. Vanessa calls it “her ” divine feminine angel”. The tattoo was completed by Dragon Vanessa’s favorite artist.

“Cages or Wings”

It’s evident that her part on the show “Tick, Tick… Boom” is an enormous amount for the actress. She tattooed the lyrics of “Louder Than Words. “Louder than Words” to pay tribute to her role in Lin-Manuel’s adaptation. In June of 2022 Hudgens posted a photo to Instagram that read: “From everyone involved to the soundtrack as well as the script … it’s all about the story. I can’t wait for you to be able to see it”.


A couple of months ago, Vanessa added one more tiny piece of jewelry in her jewelry collection. This time , it was an earlobe star which kind of resembles an earring. It’s like a compasses. Perhaps it’s actually a star? Whatever the case, it’s is a great gesture from the actress.

Heart and Chain

On the fingers of Vanessa there are two distinct tattoos. On her left finger, she tattooed an oblique heart, and on her middle finger, there’s a necklace that resembles rosemary, with the cross pendant. It’s kind of in contrast to that OM sign, but perhaps the two complement one another. Vanessa hasn’t gone into much detail regarding it, but it’s cute.


The 22 is tattooed onto Vanessa’s right hand, just above her ankle. The significance of the tattoo is kept secret as Vanessa has not spoke about the meaning behind the tattoo.


Another time, in the month of June in 2022 Vanessa visited her most-loved artist Dragon in order to have tattooed a boa constrictor at her ankle on the left. It’s so far her 10th tattoo, and she’s also getting the latest tattoo. On Instagram she posted the image: “Lol, lucky #10”.