User-Generated Content: Why It Is Important for Successful Marketing In 2022

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Whenever you come across the term UGC in the space of digital marketing. The straight understanding it gives you is “the content generated by the users” on the various platforms available in the market. But what exactly does it mean for your business and how can you explore and employ it to your advantage?

After this chaotic period of pandemic. Which still lurks in our minds with shadows of doubt and fear. The transformations that it has brought about in the business scenarios, wide adoption of digital space at large. The enormous shift in the mindsets of how we deal with fast-paced change is nothing sort of an eye-opener.

With the markets opening up, new ways and means incorporated. Numerous opportunities to cater to, and a wide diversity of learnings at hand. let’s find out how this simple term UGC can make a huge impact on your futuristic business approach in 2022.

Okay then…let’s begin to explore more about user generated content!

The very first aspect you need to understand about UGC is that it is not YOU/ YOUR Company creating this sort of content. it’s the people out there. Now these “people” (which is the keyword here) can be your social media followers, product users, content creators, fans, promoters.

The availability of a wide variety of platforms and formats to create content in all its glory. It can be it reviews, opinions, discussions, complaints, likes, dislikes, preferences, recommendations, comparisons. list might go on, is overwhelming and yes, daunting to look out for by a brand. But, so does the accessibility of the tracking tools to capture such data and develop insights for bettering your marketing efforts.

Phewww…take a deep breath, my friend, you shall overcome.

Now, you can devise plans after plans, strategies, marketing initiatives, advertisements, promotion ideas. Lucrative offers, exciting deals, and do all the brainstorming out there. BUT nothing works as successfully and effectively as much as even a no-frills UGC in any form. Why do you ask? Because…


“92% of people are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person over branded content.”      


Also, can’t skip mentioning another snippet of a study that says – “60% of users believe UGC is the most authentic marketing content” (Source: Stackla)


So, the underlying principle you need to focus on is the very human aspect of it all, that is – People trust People.


Another crucial aspect of UGC is its very innate attribute of going viral. Trends are a thing these days on almost all popular social mediums. It can make or break any campaign you believed to be a beneficial blow but can go downhill very quickly too. Yes, a few negative aspects during the journey can still be managed, controlled, and put out efficiently. But a Tsunami can most definitely prove disastrous. which UGC is very much capable of! And that’s why it is termed as a free but essential form of marketing expertise.  You need to get into cautiously, yet most definitely.

Remember, it’s personal and that’s why it hits different. It automatically come into existence in the shape of pictures, shares, memes, and so many other forms.

Tiptoeing your way into UGC is not a pleasant one always. It has the power to offer you valuable feedback not only about your products and/or services. But can help grasp a 360-degree overview of the entire functioning of your marketing, sales, operations. Even the very dynamic human resource of your organization. It’s all about your interactions with the world at large, how people, your customers, users, and prospects, perceive you in their minds. Learn from it at every step of your decision making and you will build strong, ongoing, and long-lasting relationships.

UGC provides social proof and an original, more trustworthy testimony for your brand’s reputation. How to leverage this outside voice is an entire another ball game. Wherein we Taggbox, as your entrusted partner can help you IN it to WIN it.

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