Which Reasons Make the University of East London is Perfect Choice?

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1. City Campus

Benefit from an authentic University of East London campus experience with London on your doorstep when you want to network or survey the capital.
The University of East London UK is one of the only London location-based Higher Education organizations to have a self-contained campus. This means you get to experience and skill the best of both worlds: living in a thriving capital city and enjoying a traditional University experience and skill.

2. British Feminism was Born in East London, UK

The East End of London has a wealthy history when it comes to innovation and education.

Mary Wollstonecraft is the mother of British, UK Feminism. She was born in Spitalfields and spent much of her early days in Hoxton. Mary was a passionate believer in the rights of women, education, and rational thinking. She opened a school for girls in Newington Green which has been transformed into a non-religious church where these days you can attend events, engage in social justice work, and get implicated with the local society.

The University of East London UK continues to address problems of gender equality and the university school of Computing, and Engineering Architecture was just recognized for championing gender equality.

3.  Diverse

East London is one of the youngest, most multi-civilizing neighborhoods in the United Kingdom, so you will fit in whoever you are. At the University of East London, the university celebrates diversity and you will meet students and academics with a range of backgrounds from worldwide. Universities have programs for refugees, run foundation years, and have childcare on campus so whatever your ambitions, universities are here to help make them into actuality.

Find out some of the stories from the humans within the University of East London’s extended society.

4.  Creative

The East End has so much originality and art around that it spills out from galleries onto the streets as playful murals and multi-colored displays. There are sculptures and installations hidden approximately from street corners, in parks, or on cycle routes. East London is full of craftsmanship, creativity, and culture.

5.  Green

Sometimes you presently require a breath of fresh air and East London has you covered for those tranquil moments at the side of nature. Large city farms, Victorian woodlands or Cemeteries, and wetlands – there’s something for everybody in the East End. Take a cycle in the Olympic Park, buy some new eggs from Mudchute Farm or wild swimming or go bird spotting at the Walthamstow Wetlands. Spot bluebells in Epping Forest or enjoy a little quiet time with a book in Tower Hamlets Cemetery. Stroll along the canal from the Olympic Park to Victoria Park or go canoeing in Hackney Wick.

6.  Career Options

When it comes to careers in the future, London is moving east. The area is jam-packed with established organizations, start-ups, event spaces, and many more.

The University of East London in the UK is well connected worldwide and locally. Look out of your university campus accommodation to the powerhouse that is Canary Wharf and if you have set your sights further afield into the rest of the globe, the university can put you in touch with the university’s worldwide network. The University of East London are well connected and not only because the university has City Airport on its doorstep. Whatever subject you are going to study, the university will introduce you to industry leaders and help you find unmissable options.

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  1. Inclusive

Universities are constantly reviewing their syllabus, so it continues to remain innovative, representative, and inclusive. University has a thriving Black Academy with a special focus and passion for problems of social justice, anti-racism, racial equity, and Black representation.

The University of East London was ranked number 1 in the United Kindom for addressing inequalities 2nd in the world by the Times Higher Education Global Impact Ranking, 2020.

8.  Sports and Games

As the home to the 2012 Olympics, East London has continued its sporting legacy, with the UEL playing an important role.

University of East London Sportsdock facility or services was used by group USA during the Olympics and university Move East London program means that anyone, whether a future athlete or a complete novice, can enjoy sporting classes in university amazing approx £21 million sporting facility and services. Want to play competitively? The university has 16 sports clubs that train at least once a week. University volleyball, basketball, and tennis programs are the best in London, UK. You will have the chance/option to regularly compete in the British Universities and Colleges Sports leagues and competitions.

9.  Community Spirit

East London is happening and hip. The vibe here is younger, more innovative, and a little bit shabbier in the best possible path. Creatives, businesses, and families have continually flocked to the area since the nineties and brought with them capacity and imagination to an area with a great sense of society. The University of East London in the UK is at the heart of it all, experiencing this seismic culture shift whilst helping build and shape future age groups of east Londoners.

10.  East London Nights

If the best nightlife is important or valuable to you, East London is tough to beat.

The streets of Shoreditch are paved with gold when it comes to clubs, bars, and restaurants whilst Hackney Wick and Dalston cater for intimate festivities as well as warehouse raves.


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