Types of accessibility ramps you can choose for your home

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We often see ramps in hospitals, buildings, and various other places. These ramps provide safe access to the users who are disabled or use wheelchairs and for other walkers too. Ramps are important for a variety of reasons be it your home, office or anywhere in between ramps help to increase the quality of life.

As our parents get older it gets difficult for them to move or climb stairs. So ramps are very important as they help elders to easily walk. We have remodeled our washrooms and other corners of our homes to take care of our parents. So installing a ramp can be a great option.

Choosing the right kind of ramps is not an easy task as there is a variety of accessibility ramps these days. Ramps also make it easier to lift heavy materials.

Ramps are required when there is a gap between ground levels. An access ramp makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc. ramps help physically disabled people to enjoy freedom as it makes an easy for them to move in and around home safely.

In this article we will discuss various types of accessibility ramps for homes:

  1. Portable ramps:

These ramps come in many sizes and materials. They are designed to go along with you. these types of ramps are beneficial for the home as well as outside. These can be used even on stairs or raised surfaces by simply placing them on the obstacle. portable ramps are beneficial for people who love to travel. So portable ramps are the least expensive and are lightweight making them convenient for you to move.

  1. Permanent ramp:

It is made up of materials like wood, aluminum and is fixed in a place. These ramps are more attractive as compared to portable ones. These are mainly used in the entrance. People who use mobility scooters mostly prefer this type of ramp also very helpful if you have a disabled person in your home. So permanent ramps are suitable if a person doesn’t want to go outside.

  1. Threshold ramps:

These ramps are very lightweight and cost-effective. Also, it provides amazing mobility solutions to people who use wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers to get around. These are best for both inside and outside of a doorway.

  1. Suitcase ramps:

These ramps are very much popular and considered to be the best ramps when it comes to portability.  These can easily be folded and carried like a suitcase. This type of ramp is also very much light weighted. This kind of ramp is mainly used for personal use only as these are not ADA-compliant.

  1. Rollable ramps:

These are some of the easiest ramps to take with you wherever you go. These ramps are easily foldable which makes them very convenient to carry. Mostly rollable ramps are made of aluminum and are durable. Also, its surface is non-slippery so these are used in vans that are wheelchair accessible.

  1. Vehicle access ramps:

These ramps are designed to help wheelchairs to enter in and out of the vehicles. Wheelchairs can be heavy to carry so these types of ramps are suitable to lift the mobility aid into the vehicle. These are also lightweight and easy to carry.


  1. Increases mobility:

With the help of ramps elders, disabled people can easily roam around. Ramps help to minimize the risk of injuries. Also, ramps are beneficial to lift heavy things very comfortably.

  1. Covers risk:

Ramps help to cover risk as it is safe to have a ramp instead of using stairs. Also, it is very difficult for disabled and elders to climb stairs.

  1. Temporary:

One of the benefits of portable ramps is that they can be used at your convenience i.e. these are not permanent. You can remove them or carry them easily whenever you want.

  1. Convenience to all:

Not only disabled and elders enjoy the benefits of ramps but these are used to transport heavy stuff like groceries, furnishings, heavy equipment, etc.

  1. Increases value of the house:

A permanent ramp helps to increase the value of the house as a ramp at the doorstep is very attractive. It makes a home look more appealing. different style and design of the ramp affects the value of the house. So basically ramp helps to enhance the look as well as the value of the house.

So from the above article, it is clear that installing ramps makes life much easier for the disabled. Ramps make it easier for people to move from one place to other.




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