Try these 5 Remedies if you are Tired of Coughing

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Curing dry cough in 5 natural ways

We all know that a change in weather is an official invite to very common infections that are very much difficult to avoid. The most common among them are colds and coughs. Whenever there is a slight change in the weather you will see so many people around you facing the same. One of the reasons behind facing this issue is the weaker immunity power to fight which makes people suffer from these problems more. You can take Torex cough tablet medicine in that time for the cure and relief. 

The cough medicines are available in abundance and they can be taken as per our requirement or under the guidance of the doctor. One more thing that we should try when suffering from a cough is the home remedies that will be quite helpful in dealing with it. Some of them are here discussed below:

1. Consuming honey:

You may have seen your mothers giving you honey when you were a kid. But this remedy still holds true as honey is something very magical for our throat. You can also prepare a warm water tea to which you can add honey. Or heated honey can also be consumed raw to cure cough. 

2. The easy gargles:

The gargles are the easiest method to treat cough but most of us just run away from this easy remedy as we don’t know how to do them. But they are quite easy and you must try them. You can make use of the saltwater to practice this. Doing this twice or thrice will help you with your throat. So, don’t forget to do this whenever you face throat congestion or a cough. 

3. The magical ginger:

It is known to be magical in so many ways as it helps in keeping our throat as well as stomach happy. If you are facing coughing or throat pain then a small cup of ginger tea can help. You can also add honey to the tea for more relief. The juice of the ginger just two or three drops of honey can also help. There are some anti-inflammation properties present that can help us. 

4. Increasing intake of fluids:

So, whenever you face a cough or cold it’s time to raise the fluid intake in your body. As coughing makes our throat dry and that is we feel like coughing more. That is why we need to add warm fluids to our diet, especially warm water or tea. Avoid taking chilled fluids in case you are already suffering from coughing. Consuming warm drinks can help. The intake of herbal teas including ginger, Tulsi, turmeric, etc will also prove to be helpful

5. Try natural ingredients drink:

So, Kadha drink is something very soothing for our throat which you can add Tulsi leaves, ginger, honey, cloves, Mulethi, etc. 

So, these are very simple remedies that anyone can try if they are facing a cough problem. You can also take tablet for cough to get some instant relief.