“YIFY” you may have heard this name if you are a movie buff and know how to download high-quality movies and TV- series for free.

Since “The Pirates bay” went underground, YIFY has taken the centre of the stage and emerged as a new source of downloading high definition movies for free. But due to violation of numerous piracy and copyright laws, big countries like UAE, UK, US, India and Australia have blocked it.

YIFY operators and teams attempted to change domains to YTS.to, YTS.re to bypass hindrances but luck was not in their favour.

But you can still access the YIFY torrent site by having a YIFY proxy list or by setting up a VPN which will give you access to use the YIFY torrent. So we have gathered numerous yify proxy lists that will lead to yify movie sites.

YIFY torrent proxy servers

The Yify torrent proxy sites are listed below:-

  • mx
  • pm
  • vc
  • unblock.buzz
  • land
  • unblockit.how
  • movie
  • yify-movies.net.
  • movies.me
  • p4y
  • unlock
  • yifytorrent.XYZ

These are some YIFY movie sites from which you can access YIFY torrents and for YIFY Bollywood proxy you can check out from above mentioned proxy and from given below proxy.



Note:-  Through “YIFY movies online stream” services you can also stream movies and TV series in high quality through the links given below.

(If these sies doesn’t work for you try again after setting up A VPN)





Are you eager to know how yify proxy works like many Enthusiasts?

If you are nodding your head in the yes movement then let’s see how yify works.

Yify proxy functions with the involvement of three parties. The three parties are:-

  • User
  • Proxy server
  • And, the destination site (YIFYin this case).

As the YIFY torrent Proxy server has been placed elsewhere, it assists in trespassing the Geo- Regional prohibitions of your province or region and gives you the Pass to enter YIFY torrents.

Is the YIFY proxy server Not working?

There is a very mere chance that from the above mentioned YIFY proxy servers not a single proxy server works for you, if it is happening that means privacy and copyright rules in your region are exceedingly strict.

But you can still get the way to YTS torrent by using:-

  • Ultrasurf

You can take assistance from Ultrasurf, as Ultrasurf is a chrome extension that you can use from Windows, Android and IOS operating systems which will take you to the proxy servers.

  • ProxySite

Proxysite is also a good option to reach gift torrents, just paste the URL link of any YIFY  proxy sites and start surfing.

You can also choose dozens of server locations.

If you’re still feeling puzzled and unable to find a way to reach YIFY torrents you can also check out some of the YIFY alternatives from which you can download High-quality movies for free.

YIFY Alternatives

1377x proxy lists

  • https://1337x.to/
  • https://1337x.gd
  • https://1337x.st/
  • https://x1337x.se/home/
  • https://1337x.unblockit.bz
  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://x1337x.eu/home/

The Pirates Bay proxy lists

  • https://pirate-proxy.cam
  • https://www.pirateproxy-bay.com
  • https://www.tpbproxypirate.com
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space
  • https://tpb22.ukpass.co/
  • https://piratebayproxy.buzz

Kickass proxy lists

  • https://thekat.info
  • https://kat.li
  • https://kat.am
  • https://kickass1.to
  • https://kickasstorrents.cr
  • https://kickass2.top


Yify is a notorious name that is well known for providing high-quality movies and TV shows of new and old releases.

However, it is a violation of privacy and copyright laws & guidelines, that is why many countries have blocked YIFY but you can still access YIFY torrent, can stream and download your favourite movies and TV shows by using YIFY torrent proxy or by setting up a VPN.

By above given Information and links you can easily access YIFY torrents.

You can also take help of WebFrenz for better assistance and more regarding YIFY torrent and much more.

We believe that we have provided all the knowledge regarding YIFY torrents. We clearly mention, this article is for informational purposes, as the writer or the website is not liable for any repercussion.

For more information, you can check our webfrenz.com latest blogs.


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