Top Female Youtubers In India

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If you’re looking for Top Female Youtubers In India, you’ve come to the right place. Surabhi Bagga, a stand-up comedian, has become one of the country’s most popular YouTubers, transforming the way Indian women view content on the site. Her hilarious vlogs are popular across the globe. In fact, she has become so popular, that she’s been invited to join Queens of Comedy in the UK!


Herbal and Naturopathy Expert


Natasha Noel is a well-known yoga instructor from Mumbai, India. Her YouTube channel has more than 500k subscribers, and she also has a verified Facebook and Instagram account. While her YouTube channel is unverified, it is expected to become verified soon. In addition to yoga, Natasha is also known for her DIY skincare, makeup, and personal grooming tips.

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Geeky Ranjit is India’s first English tech YouTube channel, with over 1.4 million subscribers. She used to be a radio jockey before starting her YouTube channel. She uses the channel to discuss technology, beauty, and life. Her videos on a variety of topics have inspired millions of young girls and grown to more than 2 million subscribers. Her recipes are easy to prepare and her videos often feature live results.


Pooja Luthra has over 1.5 million subscribers and has become a household name in the Indian beauty community. She markets herself as an herbal and naturopathy expert, and has a large following among women looking for natural solutions to their beauty problems. She has a humorous YouTube channel, and regularly roasts other YouTubers. The videos have earned her more than two million subscribers.


Vidya Iyer is another top YouTuber from India. Originally from Chennai, she moved to the USA when she was eight. The popular singer and YouTuber began her channel in 2015, and her videos have received millions of subscribers. She even performed at the White House! And, she’s a passionate cook and a top female YouTuber! If you’re looking for something different, you’ll find it on Vidya Vox.


Prajakta Koli is an award-winning herbal and naturopathy expert and the only Indian on YouTube’s Creators of Change initiative. She has been named the “Digital Diva” by Forbes and is a part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Aside from being a YouTube sensation, she also collaborates with top actors such as Salman Khan.


Priya Madhulika is an entrepreneur and a former radio jockey from Mumbai. Her videos are filled with fun and interesting ways to discuss taboo topics. With over two million subscribers, this channel is a virtual household name in India. Her channel covers beauty and skincare tips and even food vlogs. She even has her own podcast. It is hard to believe that the same YouTube channel is responsible for so much virality.

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Anisha Dixit is another popular YouTuber. A former fashion designer, she has over 3 million subscribers. She started her channel as a rickshaw video series, and since then, she’s focused on lifestyle videos. She also started making fashion videos, including lingerie videos and t-shirts. However, her videos have now become popular for other reasons as well, as she has a wide range of followers.


The Make Money Matt channel is an excellent place to learn how to earn money from YouTube without ever showing your face. Instead of appearing on the video, Matt prefers to focus on niche topics and teaches people how to run multiple channels without ever being on camera. Subscriptions on his channel can also hire other people to make videos for them. There is a huge YouTube sensation in India, and this list is only getting bigger.


Female YouTubers In India


If you are looking for a YouTuber from India, here are some popular ones you can follow: Sejal Kumar, Anita Das, Ritu Kumar, Prachi Kaul, and Ritu Nair. All of them have earned a lot of popularity and recognition. They have a wide variety of topics to cover: from skincare to haircare, and from makeup and hairstyles to comedy sketches. If you’re interested in learning more about their lives, check out their YouTube channels.


YouTube videos have become a great source of income for women, and India’s female youtubers are no exception. The most popular Hindi-language YouTubers come from South Asia and North West Asia, although some countries have multiple nationalities. In India, YouTube has taken a while to catch up, but it’s gaining momentum and a lot of new talent. These are just some of the female Youtubers in India.


Another popular Indian YouTuber is Anisha Dixit. Her videos focus on health and beauty and she has more than 6.5 million subscribers. In addition, she hosts a show called “Dubsmash” and is a popular comedian in Mumbai. Anisha Dixit and Anisha Singh are also worth checking out. They are two very different female YouTubers from the country, but they have a lot of in common.


One of the most popular female YouTubers in India is Shruti Arjun Anand, who has almost nine million subscribers and has a variety of topics on her channel. She posts videos on her personal life and has a wide fan base. In addition to Shruti Arjun Anand, another Indian YouTuber is Neha Kakkar. While she makes beauty videos about everyday things, she also has a vlog on body grooming. Both of these ladies have millions of followers and are extremely popular.

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