Top 6 Things to Consider While Buying Gemstone Jewellery

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The purchase of gemstones on the internet over the last few years has proved difficult for many consumers because of the prevalence of fake gems on the market. The proliferation of fake gemstones, as well as the activities of scammers, have harmed several gemstone suppliers that are certified and has puts the quality of gemstones in danger. A study conducted by Fire Mountain Gems revealed that fake gemstones are usually composed of glass, plastic and ceramic. They also perform a great job replicating natural gemstones, making it difficult for consumers to recognize the differences.

Avoid the mistake of buying the wrong gem. We’ve provided 6 most effective practices to be aware of before purchasing any gemstone at your local shop or online vendor.

1. Find out about the name of each stones.

You might be shocked to find out that there more than 15 different gemstones available today, and knowing their names is as crucial as having a healthy breakfast. Be wary of the names of the gemstones. There may be gemstones that have two names, like “Balsa ruby” which is actually a red spinel and “evening emerald” which is an peridot. See? It’s important to be savvy in this area – don’t be confused, learn about the names of gemstones.

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2. Find out the gemstone.

The stone you’re hoping to take home could be one of these three types: synthetic, natural, or imitation. Natural gemstones are said to be a natural stone that has not been subjected to any human intervention, whereas synthetic gemstones are created in a lab using the chemical, visual and physical characteristics of natural stones. Through the use of treatments the synthetic gemstones are often perfect, and offer a unique appeal to those seeking absolute perfection. Imitates are described as replicas with no similar features as natural gemstones. They’re the least expensive but they can appear authentic. This is why we urge you to identify your stone’s quality and be aware of counterfeits.

3. Verify for the freshness of your cut.

Cut matters – be aware of that. Cut is what makes a stone beautiful and shine. What is the best way to begin with this? Look at the cut proportions that should reflect light evenly without dark areas or windows (being capable of seeing clearly across the stones back like a glass). A stone with a poor proportion allows light to pass through, thus reducing the sparkle of the gemstone.

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4. Be aware of whether the gem has been improved.

This is one of the things to ask your supplier of your gemstone. The gemstones that have been enhanced require special treatment and cleaning procedures and knowing this in advance can aid you in deciding what you have to do. Ask the jeweler the questions such as “Has this sapphire been oiled?”  We are confident that it is worth it to take home an item you are able to recognize.

5. Verify the color of the gemstone.

This means that you have to examine the color of your gemstone in various lighting. Why should you conduct this? Keep in mind that the intensity of light changes during the day. But, if you are looking at an excellent colored stone it should look great regardless of the lighting conditions. There is no exclusions.

6. Compare and shop around.

It’s worth searching for a gem instead of settling on your first option. The London market is the only one that is constantly growing in gems that you can look over and evaluate. In contrast to diamonds, stores selling colored stones are equally spread out without any centralized marketing agency. The grading and pricing is very subjective and shopping around could be rewarding to you.



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