TikViral Business Ideas: How To Market Your Jewel Brand On TikTok?

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TikTok is a brisk, pace app booming its popularity. Engagement rates of the app are through the top of the roof. TikTok has surpassed the mainstream apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., in its popularity. It ranks as the number one downloaded app in 2022. Are you still not using the high-ranked TikTok app for your businesses?

Moreover, TikTok ranks sixth in consumers being attracted to business profiles. The app has global users, which makes it easy to market. It is an excellent platform for jewelry brands to showcase their fresh collections of jewels. It is no wonder that you can experience a massive marketplace on TikTok, and you can leverage the platform to the fullest with trends.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok lets users film videos like dancing, lip-syncing, filters, effects, sounds, etc., The video content is only about 15 seconds long, so you need to include all your elements within the stipulated time. To explore the jewel video ideas, you can get through the ‘for you page’ and the ‘following page.’ The key to posting your creative videos is to highlight your brand proposition. You can also try TikViral free, which will improve your online presence. 

6 Tips For Promoting Your Jewellery Brand

  1. Best Background Setting

Jewel promotion videos are not so similar to other videos. Here your only focus is on the thing – the jewel. You have to feature your jewel with the best background setting. The background should emphasize the beauty of the jewel. The way you present the video should make people buy the jewelry. Take the close-angle shots so that minute details of the jewel are highlighted. Be it a fashionable one, make it aesthetic! 

  1. Video On Styling Tips

Another easy way to grab attention is by providing styling tips. Brands must collaborate with celebrities, influencers, and jewel models to showcase different combinations of styling your jewels. Have divergent thinking to get new ideas on your list. For example, you can pair up antique jewels with modern outfits. Create videos that people may not be able to guess and keep in line with the elegancy. Your styling tips may be helpful for many people. Customers will also like to watch videos on the preview of the jewels before they get in hand. 

  1. Social Proof

Jewel not only involves gold, silver, and diamonds, but it also includes the covering jewel. If you could see a lot of Instagram pages dealing with ordinary jewelry. If you are seeking budget-friendly, you can opt for jewels that are exact replicas of the costliest ones. Apart from creating videos, it would be best if you boosted the credibility of your brand among Insta viewers. Social proof is a great way to make a deep impression about your brand on your TikTok community. Happy customers will speak volumes about the uniqueness and quality of your brand. Gathering customer testimonials will also help to socialize with your customers. You would get to know the designs and patterns that are likable to your audience. Apart from social proof, the better idea would be to try TikViral, which makes you reach a higher level. 

  1. Use AR In TikTok Ads

Create your customized branded effects and filters, where you can market your jewelry products. Team up with AR developers and create 3D stickers. Have a great camera with in-depth lenses to shoot a jewel video. Then, you can take up the ad formats: In-feed, TopView, and Brand takeover. Make sure you post your ads on festive seasons and days without fail. 

  1. Create Brand Lenses

It is the most beautiful way to market your jewelry business. Brand lenses are nothing but face-altering filters. With the AR team, you can make filters that show the jewels on the viewer’s face. The audience can try the filter and check whether it suits their face. The filter itself will change your face to makeup and outfits. Without going online or physical store, you can check which designs and patterns are suitable for your face. 

  1. Share Your Brand Story

Every jewel brand has a unique story to tell. Share the story of your brand that inspires the people. You can say the challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges. In general, the audiences are more eager to know your brand story. So spice up your story with original and exciting history. The more transparency, the more people will value your brand. As per recent reports, it is proven that nearly 78% of consumers build trust in a brand because of transparency. You can also share behind-the-scenes jewel-making or jewel-shooting videos

Final Thoughts

TikTok opens a door for budding jewel brands to showcase their quality products. You can earn a secure place in the global marketplace with a single short video. With the advent of technology, online stores are available for the costliest jewelry brands. With TikTok videos, you can tour your physical store to your viewers. Furthermore, you can try using TikViral, making your jewel brand rank No 1 in the online market. Thanks for reading!