The Ultimate Guide For Android Game Development

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Android game development is a dream job for many people and a fun pastime for others. The theater industry is booming and has for years been in the film industry. In 2019, the combined industry grew by 3% over the previous year, generating $ 120.1 billion. The biggest share of that pie was mobile games, generating $ 64.4 billion!

Android game development is probably a lot easier than you think. Depending on the type of game you wish to create, there are many powerful tools available and make the process easier. Android is also the easiest platform to start with, due to the small entry limits and a large ready-made market. Peek this website for android game development services.

Before you want to develop your Android game you should probably decide what type of game you want to build. There are a lot of different programs, languages, and methods that can be used to build your first game.

Choosing Your Game

The first thing you would like to decide is what type of game you want to develop. There are a lot of games that you can develop for Androids. Simple games are easy to develop. But if you are looking for some FPS shooting games it needs a lot of development time, cost, designing, and optimization. A lot of people are interested in playing simple puzzle games or games like candy crush and more. But as mobile gaming is booming you can now develop computer-like graphic games for mobile.

Programming Language

If you want to develop an Android game you need to know programming languages like Java or C++. Most games and game engines are written in C ++, and Android developers often need to use the Java programming language. Combining the two languages ​​using Java Native Interface requires effort and can present interruptions or downtime. AGDK will help you build and customize game engines by providing C libraries that reduce the use of Java Programming and JNI languages. This will make the games easier to build, debug, and maintain.

Game Design

Now, you have to design your game. When it comes to designing a game you need to focus on the UI and UX of the game for your audience. Do you want to develop a 2D or 3D game? Game designing is a crucial part of your game development. You need to focus on various aspects of the game like performance, visibility, better user experience, and more.

Game Testing

Android is basically a very diverse platform with many devices with different screen sizes. That’s why the QA testing team needs to test Android games accurately to improve their performance on multiple devices. They should make sure that all sports activities are working properly in different areas. Tests are performed using detailed testing plans and combinations of application cases.

The game should be considered for its functionality, gameplay consistency, device compatibility, and user experience. The Beta test section is also ready to adjust the game’s complexity and controls to the preferences of the target audience. With this, the game is released to the popular external user group.

Releasing Your Game on the Platform

Now, it’s time to release your game on the platform. After your game gets approved you can release it on Google Play Store from where people can download and enjoy your game. From here people can review and rate your game.


The relevant game development process should go beyond game launches because the Android game needs to be updated from time to time. Developers should be prepared for additional support and maintenance long after the game has been introduced to the market so that you can maximize the opportunity for customer games to do better in a competitive environment.

To build a high-quality Android game, you will need to partner with a reliable and committed Android development company to bring all the latest technology, industry-level knowledge, new knowledge and skills, and support needed to build your Android game dream.

Cost of Developing an Android Game

If you are thinking of improving the Android game, you should know that the whole process from concept and planning to make your game live on Google Play is very big and time-consuming. It requires a lot of specialized technology to build Android game apps with a good user experience. However, much of the game’s construction depends on the budget, which is an important factor in determining the number of challenges and resources invested in the game.

The cost of game development depends on various factors. Game features, Technology used, Resources, User Experience, and User Interface, Time, Type of game are some of the factors that will decide the cost of your game developing process.

Simple 2D games with basic features and technology will cost you around $5000-$20,000 for developing. These games will be simple in visual appearance, with simple graphics and gameplay.

If you want to develop a better standard game that will include better graphics, and tools required for the game development. Your budget can exceed $20,000-$50,000. Games like Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Angry Bird can be in this category. These games are fun to play with minimum graphics, resources, and design.

If your dream is to develop games like Pubg, CODM, Fortnite Mobile, League of Legends then your budget will exceed more than $100k-$200k or even more. These games required some extra 3D designing, resources, modeling, rendering for better user experience and graphics.


Making a good game with great graphics and design requires a lot of effort and sharpness from modern engineers and designers. You need the perfect combination of the right publisher, an experienced Android development company, and a targeted audience. Peek this website for Android game development services. As Android game development is growing, everyone is trying to develop a mobile game to start their business. Developing an Android game is in high demand as the gaming industry is growing.

Developing Android games is not that hard. Anyone with some knowledge of coding and with the right resources can develop a mobile game. Also, the big factor in developing a mobile game is the budget. Your budget will depend on the type of game you want to develop.


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