The Most Popular Anime Female Characters

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What are the most popular female anime characters, and why are they so popular with fans?

Most anime programs, especially those in the shonen genre, contain female characters whose physical appearance, body attributes, and clothing are meant to capture the hearts of viewers.

While many of the top female anime characters have a certain amount of sensuality and charm, physical attractiveness alone is rarely enough to propel a female character to the top of the rankings.

The anime characters that we’re listing down here have great inner strength, charisma, and fighting spirit.

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1: Hinata Hyuga—Naruto

Hinata Hyuga developed a name for herself in the ninja community as an industrious kunoichi, despite not being as powerful as her cousin Neji or as furious as Sakura. 

Hinata established herself as a prominent female anime character because of her unwavering support for the series’ main character Naruto and her participation in the sequel series Boruto.

Even though she lacks self-confidence, she is hard working.

Her thoughtfulness, politeness, and kindness set her apart from her counterparts, which is why she tops our list of the most popular female anime characters. 

2: Shinobu Kocho—Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Shinobu Kocho isn’t just another lethal female character. 

She doesn’t have the physical power to sever demon heads, but she’s lethal in other ways—and rather eccentric. Her debut appearance in the series wowed spectators till the very last scene. 

Her personality and wit distinguish her from others. 

On the exterior, her sweet speech makes her adorable, but on the inside, her vicious nature is hidden.

3: Sasha Braus—Attack On Titan

Sasha is a fun-loving and cheerful girl. However, she was timid and prone to make mistakes in stressful situations. Her fun personality is a comic relief in a somewhat bleak series.

Her obsession with eating may drive her insane, which contrasts nicely with her typical innocence and sass. 

Sasha is trustworthy and responsible, despite her eccentricities and comedic moments. No one has ever questioned her, and she has never given anybody cause to. 

She is one of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan because of this.

4: Uraraka Ochaco—My Hero Academia

Uraraka Ochaco is one of the most popular characters in any anime series.

She is a dedicated individual who strives to realize her ambition of working as a professional hero. 

She doesn’t have an impressive or strong ability—she can cancel gravity on whatever object she touches—but she is clever in how she employs her abilities to win conflicts.

The cherry on top is that she’s adorable, lively, upbeat, and cheerful. 

5: Mikasa Ackerman—Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman belongs to the Scout Division, a military unit responsible for exploring land outside the city walls and defending the city against Titan invasions. 

Mikasa was always one of the most ferocious Titan killers throughout her training as a Cadet and beyond because of her unique ability to move in any circumstance and strike at any time. 

Her abilities have been compared to those of Captain Levi.

Her skills, tactics, and determination make her one of the greatest warriors in the city, as well as one of anime’s best female heroines.

6: Mereoleona Vermillion—Black Cover

Mereoleona is a formidable female figure who can create and manipulate fire. 

She also exudes such a threatening atmosphere that other squad commanders fall mute in her presence. 

She’s so powerful that she can stand alone and battle a squad of elves with nothing but her might. But there’s a gentler, more cerebral side to her strong attitude and power.

Mereoleona is a harsh trainer of magic knights, but the lessons she teaches them are priceless. Her path pushes her to succeed, endure, and outperform the other female characters in the series.

7: Sakura Kinomoto—Cardcaptor Sakura

This list would be incomplete without our all-time favorite magical girl. Since her initial anime appearance in 1998, Cardcaptor Sakura has conquered hearts.

This cute young girl is not only successful in her goal to collect all the Clow Cards and convert them into her own Sakura Cards, but she is also bestowed with magical abilities and surrounded by supportive friends.

Her loyalty to her friends, caring nature and unyielding determination has always been her most defining character traits.

She is a pansexual character, making her entitled to a different fan base.

Signing Off

There it goes.

We have described the most popular female anime characters of all time, and if you’re an anime fan, we’re sure you’ll agree to our list.

However, if you’re not an anime fan, you can start with any of these series and explore these characters in depth.

For further queries on them, ping us in the comment section.

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