SurgeTrader Review 2022: Online Prop Trading

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Online Prop Trading

Global company SurgeTrader is based in Naples, Florida, supported by investment capital from Valo Holdings. The company claims that its financial situation is highly stable and secure.

The combined expertise of skilled Forex traders, brokers, and investment firms led to the creation of SurgeTrader. They think all a professional trader needs to succeed is capital and opportunity. Their goal was to speed up trader funding and assist successful traders in maximizing their gains.

Pricing for SurgeTrader Funding Accounts

The options for a SurgeTrader trading account are relatively simple, as are the rules. Although the expenses are referred to as “Audition Fees,” the rest of the equation is simple to comprehend and apply. You can take advantage of the 75% profit shares if you meet your goals and avoid having your account closed.

SurgeTrader promotes its traders’ professional success. They make it possible for them to profit more from their trade activities. To be able to trade successfully, you must pass an audition. You will receive a 75% profit share on future distributions if you give your audition.

SurgeTrader is a niche company with its headquarters in Florida, USA. A 75% profit split provides motivated traders with funding up to $1,000,000. They linked their system with a Sydney, Australia-based ASIC-regulated broker. With the ID RA000603, they are listed as being registered with Surge Capital Ventures, LLC.

Surge Capital Ventures, LLC, a Limited Liability Company, was founded on September 3rd, 2021. It’s in Naples, Florida, at 405 5TH Avenue South.

Account scaling plan for the evaluation program

A scaling strategy is also present in evaluation program accounts. It will help if you get a 10% profit target based on your original account balance. The scaling is limited to $500,000; if you scale your account, you are not qualified for a profit share. However, accounts with a value of $500,000 and $1,000,000 need a scaling strategy. Greetings from best Funded Trader accounts! By giving forex and stock traders the money, they require to work from home full-time, we enable them.

Program Account Rules for Evaluation

Before an evaluation step can be finished, earnings can be withdrawn, or an account may be scaled, a trader must reach a certain percentage of the profits, known as the profit target. The expected gain for evaluation programs is 10%. There are no profit targets for funded accounts.

The maximum daily loss is the most significant loss a trader can experience each day without violating the account. The daily loss cap for all account sizes is 4%.

The maximum drawdown is equal to the gap between the highest account balance attained, and the maximum drawdown is the maximum trailing drawdown. There is a 5% maximum trailing drawdown across all account sizes. The term “stop-loss necessary” refers to the requirement that traders set a stop-loss on each position before starting a trade.

Lot size limits put strict lot sizes on traders for particular trading instruments. These are typically determined depending on the prop company account’s original account balance. A trader can only have one open lot for every $10,000 in the capital at any given moment throughout all pairs.

No weekend holding refers to the traders’ inability to keep open positions over the weekend. At every 10% milestone, Surge Trader gives users the option to scale their capital. In other words, your account will be doubled if you follow the regulations and make a 10% profit when paid.

This goes on until the amount reaches $500,000. This is much faster and will result in a far higher profit at the same time compared to multiplying your earnings. This is a perfectly fair offering that matches what their competitors are doing compared to some other top companies, such BluFxOpens, in a new tab.

Is Surge Trader a Good Prop Firm for Traders, In Conclusion?

For those forex traders looking to raise more funds in 2022, Surge Trader is a reputable prop firm and among the top possibilities for funding. The ideal trading circumstances, the favorable reviews, and the company’s expansion amaze me.

It is wonderful to see the wide range of trading tools and the addition of cryptocurrency trading! Every few weeks, I’ll come back to this review and add an update on my experience as it develops over the next few months.