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Surah Yasin, Surah Ya-Sin, Surah Yaseen or Yaseen Shareef is one of the most important chapters in the holy Quran. It is the 36th chapter (Surah) in the holy Quran and contains 83 verses (ayat). People receive greater benefits and blessings from Allah while reciting the Surah Yasin full. It mentions all the root beliefs of Islam by listing six articles in the holy Quran, including belief in Allah – the only one true God, faith in prophethood, trust in resurrection and afterlife. It states that the holy Quran is a sacred source of information and Allah’s revelations. It warns the individuals who don’t believe in the divine and his revelations. The warning incorporates the punishments the individuals and their families suffered for not believing in Allah and his revelations.

The Surah is focused on the resurrection’s existence and sovereignty of Allah. Surah Yaseen has several benefits, as mentioned in numerous hadiths. Though there is no basis for reading it 7 or 41 times, many still believe it is highly beneficial. In any case, reading Surah Yaseen daily helps an individual achieve their desires. The blessings shower upon individuals if they read Yaseen Shareef full.

Benefits of reading Surah Yasin Full

Surah Yasin makes the core of the holy Quran as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people”.

Surah Yasin has many benefits and is mentioned in several hadiths.

1.     It is gateway to mercy on Judgment Day

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“The reciter of Surah Yaseen is called Sharif (honorable) by God Almighty and this Surah intercedes for his reciter.”

If is believed that those who regularly read Surah Yasin full remain eternally happy and are rewarded for their faith in the almighty Allah and Islam, as promised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

2.   Smoothens marital life

As mentioned, Yaseen Shareef is significant in achieving personal needs and goals. Marriage is an essential factor in any individual’s life; therefore, it becomes important that the goals in the marriage life are fulfilled easily. Hence, it is highly recommended that individuals read Surah Yasin with the niyah so that Allah will guide them to correct choices. Reading it in the morning will help smoothen our marital issues if any. Believers have seen great results in their married lives after reading Surah Yasin.

3.   Expiates from sins

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a hadith narrated:

“Whoever recites Surah Yaseen at night and seeks God’s approval, God will forgive his sins.”

An individual who recites this Surah with the sincere intention of pleasing Allah will get their sins expiated. If a person asks forgiveness for their sins in the night, they will wake up without the sin in the morning. However, it certainly does not mean that one is allowed to sin intentionally and leave the rest to the power of Surah Yaseen. The Surah is for the people wanting to change with the intention to accept Allah and His teachings.

4.   Fulfills the needs and desires

The Surah is said to repel evil and fulfill all the needs and wishes. It is popular and important to remain safe from evil and fulfill one’s desires. It further ensures that all the believers are rewarded for their faith in the Almighty Allah. It is said that:

“Whoever recites Yaseen once, Allah will record the reward of reciting the Quran ten times.”

5.   Eases the pain of dying and the death of a person

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in a hadith, asked to “recite Yaseen to those who die”. Allah will make the death of a person easy for the individual and the family if someone recites Surah Yasin to the person. The individual will directly leave the world for Paradise in peace. It also helps in relieving the pain of a disease or injury.

Surah Yaseen online is easily available along with full translation and meaning. Reading Surah Yasin full is highly beneficial and holds great importance in Islam and the holy Quran. Hence, one must not skip it while offering Fajr and paying respect to the almighty Allah. People can easily find Surah Yasin online and start the flow of blessings immediately.



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