Studio Apartments for Rent in Islamabad

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Studio apartments are different from regular one- or two-bedroom apartments. A studio apartment usually just has a single room, and the bedroom lounge and kitchen are all in the same room. There are many studio apartments located in Islamabad; below, we have mentioned a few of them. 

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Zarkoon Heights

Zarkoon heights is a residential apartment building constructed on the Grand trunk road, G-15 Islamabad. It is a project of several real estate companies, including the ZH group, Zarkoon Internation and Kohistan builders and developers. All these companies are highly reputable. Kohistan Builders and developers are also the masterminds behind constructing eighteen properties, one of Pakistan’s most luxurious housing schemes. Zarkoon heights have been praised for their magnificent designs, which are inspired by Egyptian motives. The apartment has 900 luxuriously made apartments, each with its spacious balcony. Along with the typical 3- and 4-bedroom apartments, it also has several studio apartments available for rent.

Springs apartment homes

Springs apartment homes Islamabad is a residential building located on the Islamabad Expressway and is near the Gangal west. The authorities approved Springs apartment homes and are hence a legal housing project. The Orbit developers developed the project, who have made apartments in several cities of Pakistan, including Lahore and Rawalpindi. Apartments built by them have always done commercially well and have a very high demand. They have both average apartments and lavishly made studio apartments as well. Springs apartment homes offer several facilities to provide the best lifestyle to its residents. The project has its mini grocery store, a fitness centre, a swimming pool and a coffee shop.

 Elysium shopping mall

Elysium shopping mall that has both residential and commercial areas. It has several studio apartments and a shopping mall and attracts all types of customers. Elysium shopping mall is located in Blue arena, which is the financial district of Islamabad. It is a 14-story apartment building with the top floors being used for the studio apartments, and the bottom floors will be used for commercial activities. The Elysium shopping mall is located near the Margalla hills and hence provides a scenic view to its residents. The architecture of the building is exceptionally well designed and modernly built. The apartment building has made its name in the real estate market and has attracted a considerable number of investors.

Mall of Islamabad by Bahria town

 Mall of Islamabad is located at main Jinnah avenue, a blue arena that is said to be the city’s, economic heart. It is also near Saudia pak towers and the Pakistan stock exchange. Moreover, it can be easily accessed from the Nazim ud din road along with all other significant city locations. Mall of Islamabad will have both commercial and residential spaces. It is being developed by Bahria Town, which is Pakistan’s most significant private estate developing company. Bahria town has several remarkable projects in all the major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi and Multan. It also has a housing scheme located in Islamabad. Mall of Islamabad has studio apartments that are all uniquely built to meet the needs of different individuals.

Riverwalk luxury apartments

 Riverwalk is located among the lush green mountains giving a scenic view to all its residents. It is in Islamabad’s river gardens housing scheme and is developed by the Ace group. The vision of the Ace group is to raise the benchmark for apartments in Islamabad and provide residents with unmatched luxuries. The building consists of 6 floors, and each floor has multiple studio apartments available for rent. The apartments are all made uniquely to cater to different needs, and hence the building can attract all types of investors. Besides being an ideal place to live, apartments in Riverwalk also act as a good investment. 

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 There are many studio apartments available for rent in Islamabad; however, the ones mentioned above are the best. You can visit these studio apartments yourself to see if they match your taste or not.


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