Steps to Manage Diabetes Naturally

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Diabetes is a prolonged ailment and constitutes the primary cause of severe health complications, such as seizures, heart disease, paralysis, vision loss, kidney failure, etc. Don’t fret! You can prevent such complications if you control your Diabetes and other associated conditions.

What if I told you there are some steps to manage your Diabetes for life? Interested? If yes, read on to find out the 4 Steps to Manage Diabetes for Life.

You can kiss Diabetes Goodbye if you follow these four steps rigorously throughout your life. So, let’s explore them.

  • Healthy diet

Your diet performs a vital role in Controlling Your Diabetes. Accordingly, your nutrition plan should be sustainable-based, i.e., managing your Diabetes while making you full and contented.

You can consult a dietician to recommend a diet according to your health requirements, likes, and lifestyle.

 Or create your diabetes diet to assist you in controlling glucose levels and weight loss.

Incorporate healthy foods such as whole grain, lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits in your diet.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Aside from diet, nothing tops a healthy lifestyle for your overall well-being and for controlling your Diabetes.

Engaging in physical activities can regulate your blood sugar levels, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and aid in weight loss. You must engage in moderate-intensive exercises- like brisk walking, weights- regularly.

Get adequate sleep, i.e.., 7-9 hours, as inadequate sleep can increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart complications.

Manage your stress levels. If not, it can lead to stress eating, contributing to weight gain and higher blood sugar. If you are under stress, talk to a therapist and friends about your problems.

Tobacco can raise glucose sugar levels and increase the risk of various complications, so discontinue tobacco usage.

  • Appropriate Medications

Some diabetic patients can manage their blood sugar through a healthy diet and lifestyle, but most diabetic patients need oral medicines or injections to manage their condition.

You need medications based on the kind of Diabetes you have. You should go for those with fewer side effects, which can help improve your health conditions. As the disease itself is a continuous condition, your medication requirements change gradually. Consult your doctor to consider the available alternatives and decide the appropriate medications.

  • Monitoring glucose level and related conditions

You should monitor your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other diabetes-related complications, such as vision loss, kidney failure, heart disease, feet infections, etc.

Monitoring of Blood Sugar is necessary for treating Diabetes. Through monitoring, you will know your glucose levels and the impact of diet, physical activity, and medicines on them. You can monitor your glucose through lab tests, SMBG, CGMS, or HbA1c. The HbA1c test assesses average blood sugar levels for the last 3-4 months, so take this test once in 6 months or more if your blood glucose level fluctuates.


Diabetes is the principal cause of many health complications, causing distress to many. But now, you can manage Diabetes for your life if you follow a healthy lifestyle, diet, take medications, and monitor your blood sugar regularly.

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