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Alia Shelesh, also known as SSSniperwolf or Alia Marie Shelesh, is a popular British-American YouTuber player, gamer, and extremely well-known social media figure. She has been awarded Gamer of the Year multiple times throughout her career.
The actress is also famous for her famous emotes in online games like PUBG as well as Call of Duty. Her involvement in scandals due to her involvement with sexually explicit films, naked scandals, and also her use of clickbait.


SSSniperwolf is 29 as of 2022. She was born on the 22nd of the 22nd of October, 1992. She was raised and grew up at Liverpool, England is, an established Christian family. Her citizenship is American-British and she adheres to an evangelical Christian faith. She attended a local High school situated in Liverpool, England, finishing her education in the early years.

She then attended a private school located in Liverpool, England, where she graduated with a degree. Since her early years she’s always been fascinated by gaming and dreamed of becoming an elite player. She decided to create her own channel on YouTube to showcase her skills as a gamer even at the age of.

Description of Profile

Alia Marie Shelesh

  • Full Name:  Alia Marie Shelesh
  • Other Name:  SSSniperwolf
  • Net Worth:  $7 Million
  • Date of Birth:  October 22nd, 1992
  • Age: 29 Years
  • Birth Place: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
  • Profession: YouTuber Gamer, YouTuber and Social Media Personality
  • Nationality: British and American
  • Hometown: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
  • Zodiac Sign:  Libra
  • School:  Local High School Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
  • College or University:  Local Private University, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
  • Education: Qualifying Graduate

The Family of Sssniperwolf

Mr Shelesh the father of SSSniperwolf is an entrepreneur of high success by profession. Mrs Shelesh the mother of SSSniperwolf is a stay-at-home mother. There are three siblings younger than her: Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh are her two younger brothers and Ranya Shelesh, her eldest sister.

Relationship of Sssniperwolf


The relationship situation of SSSniperwolf is unmarried. She has not been seen with anyone. However she was once married to Evan John Young, commonly called Evan Sausage, a YouTuber. The two began an relationship in the year 2015 before announcing their separation within a year. They’ve been friends ever since the time they split.

SSSniperWolf received a message from YouTube user Evan Sausage that made her laugh during her rise to the top of the charts. According to a video confession from November 2015 they quickly developed an internet-based relationship and began to communicate throughout the day via texts and Skype. Despite her admission that their relationship was not without its challenges and developing pains, they eventually met and purchased a home together. SSSniperWolf believed that they were going to eventually get married.

We’ll jump ahead to the month of May in 2016. SSSniperWolf stated the fact that she and Sausage had been able to break up in a short video titled “We broke up” as well as that Sausage quit their house. “There’s been some tension,” she admitted, saying that Sausage was gone for Las Vegas and was no anymore in contact with her.

In June 2016, they were back to the same place, as she explained in a video entitled “We Were Back Together.” This rekindled romance did not last for however; by September of that year SSSniperWolf was back with a candid video, revealing that they’d been separated, yet they were still close friends and were in good spirits.

SSSniperWolf has been referring to Sausage as her love interest in the year 2019. In addition, Sausage started appearing within Sssniperwolf videos more often and judging her clothes, and even getting taken advantage of. SSSniperWolf has extended the lovefest on Instagram by posting a picture of her Sssniperwolf partner kissing Sssniperwolf cheek at her birthday party.

  • Father Name: Mr. Shelesh
  • Mother Name: Mrs. Shelesh
  • Brother Name: Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh
  • Sister Name: Ranya Shelesh
  • Boyfriend: Evan Sausage
  • Marital Status: Unmarried



Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh originated in the United Kingdom on October 22 in 1992. She is a descendant of Greek and Turkish ancestral ancestors. When Lia was just six year old, she moved in her home in the United States. Ranya Lasagna, who is a fellow YouTuber, was her twin as well as two brothers.

Her parents gave her an Play station as just a little girl and she’s never been back since. One of the main Metal Gear Solid opponents The concept of Sniper Wolf was the inspiration for Lia’s nickname SSSniperWolf.

Lia has nearly 29.3 Million views on YouTube, 5.2 million on Sssniperwolf Instagram 1 million Twitter followers along with 16.8 millions TikTok followers in September 2021. And, Lia also has an additional YouTube channel called Little Lia Wolf, with more than 3.59 million followers.

Lia launched her channel on YouTube in the year 2013 and has since accumulated millions of subscribers, and more than 15 billion views. The channel was initially an online gaming platform which meant she played a lot gaming Call of Duty at first. However, the channel’s focus changed slightly in 2017 and she is now focused on flash animations and DIY videos addition to her gaming video.

Then, in July of 2020 Lia beat the record for for the most female commercial channel on English. Later in her the course of her life Lia launched her new YouTube channel, Little Lia Wolf. The channel is focused on arts and crafts as well for DIY projects.

In addition, Lia has been detained twice. She was arrested for an armed robbery in 2013 following hitting a security guard as well as refusing to be arrested. She was detained for two days jail before her charges were dismissed to an infraction of misdemeanor.

The conviction was repeated in the year 2016. When the police arrived following an altercation that was violent with her co-accused She was arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer a second time. The charges eventually were dismissed.

Lia was selected for an Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award in the category of the Most Popular Gamer in the year 2019. However, the nomination received many criticisms. When she started to reduce her gaming activities Many believed that she wasn’t an avid player. She won the prize.

SSSniperWolf created another YouTube channel called Little Lia following the success of her initial. The channel specializes in providing her viewers with DIY videos. The channel has more than 3.4 million subscribers and provides information on topics like household products such as soft toys, crafts and recipes that appeal to women.

Alia explained the reason she created this second YouTube channel, saying that she’s always been attracted to video games and crafts and wanted to turn this hobby into a lucrative business opportunity. The second channel was an instant hit, making her a popular choice among homemakers. Due to the success for her other channel she’s now an online star.

SSSniperWolf’s Unique Qualities


As compared against other YouTube gamers One of the most distinctive traits that distinguishes SSSniperWolf is her gorgeous body. She doesn’t attempt to hide her beauty, and wears adorable clothes that entice her young fans. SSSniperWolf is also believed to be in good health, given Sssniperwolf age. She has gone more than ten years with no visit to any doctor, despite her own admission!

Another aspect that makes her stand out is her diverse set of skills. SSSniperWolf is an elite hula hooper addition to being an extremely skilled gamers. She is able to use these talents when she makes Sssniperwolf YouTube videos to reach a wider public.

Beyond Popularity

SSSniperWolf’s professional career has been plagued by controversy. The dispute began in January of 2016 when the website “Drama Alert” published an article suggesting that SSSniperWolf’s real business was creating erotic videos on a competitor YouTube channel called’sexysexysniper.’ According to the article the channel is filled with sexual and race-related content that insults other gamers.. SSSniperWolf did not deny or confirm the claims that were made by the website, and kept her followers unaware of the truth behind it.

Behind the Scenes


SSSniperWolf has been born in England to a family of traditional origins. Alisa Shelesh was her official name. When she was just six years young, the family moved from India to America. United States. She started her career in social media while with America. United States. When she was just six years old, she started engaging in video gaming.

Since the time she began, she has been able to develop her gaming abilities through playing games on modern consoles like the PlayStation. Parents have also encouraged her to take up a job in gaming. SSSniperWolf was a regular attendee at a community college during the peak of her career despite not attending an institution of higher learning. She was forced out of her college degree due to the fact that she was unable to focus on her studies or work. SSSniperWolf also has an older sister as well as two brothers.

Education of SssniperWolf

Lia graduated with a High School diploma at Local High School in Liverpool, England. She received her bachelor’s degree at an institution of research located in Liverpool, England. She always wanted to become an expert gamer. There is a long list of accomplishments to her credit. Social media platforms on her account have millions of followers as well as an extensive following.

Elementary School: Local High School Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Collage Local Private University: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Educational qualification:  Graduate

SSSniperWolf is a High School Dropout.


SSSniperWolf graduated a semester earlier in high school and decided to enroll in classes at an area community college to learn more about what she wanted to accomplish in her life. In 2013, she said in a clip that she “hated the experience,” citing harsh professors as well as a lackluster group of friends and being snubbed from male classmates as reasons to her discontent.
Then she decided to go to an institution to achieve her goal of becoming pharmacist.

She switched her focus to nursing when she was unhappy with her studies in chemistry as well as the prospect of working as pharmacist. She was dissatisfied with her school , despite having completed all her nursing requirements and decided to leave for a while and spend time with her SSSniperwolf boyfriend.

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth

One of the YouTubers with the highest earnings is SSSniperwolf. The channel she has on YouTube has gotten nearly 7 billion hits. SssniperWolf Net worth is estimated to be at least $7 million. She was named on Forbes’s list of the most influential gaming influencers in 2017.

  • Active for Many Years:  2013-present
  • The Monthly Salary: Unknown
  • Net Worth : $7 Million

Social media accounts

  • Instagram SssniperWolf ( 5.1 million fans)
  • Twitter The sssniperWolf ( 21.2 million users)
  • YouTube The sssniperWolf ( 5.2 millions followers)

Body measurements from SSSniperWolf


5 feet 3 inches tall, tall, sexy and elegant She has defied many boundaries of society and helped pave the way for self-love and acceptance in an entire generation of teenagers. Her hair is dark brown and stunning eyes with black.

  • Height In feet:- 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight In kilograms:- 53 kg
  • Measurement of the body: 35-24-36
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair color: Dark brown

Home Tour from SSSniperWolf

SniperWolf is a controversial figure on the internet that has earned millions of viewers for each video she uploads. She also earns lots of criticism for allegedly fake videos she posts onto her channels.

SSSniperWolf has had a huge popularity on YouTube that showcases the ways in which her huge following has helped her to purchase as an unique, crazy L.A. pad. The tour starts by looking at the SniperWolf’s entrance. It is a glass panel that slides open on an axis that is located in the middle of the door. It claims to be “the similar to Kylie Jenner’s.”

The interior of the white Sssniperwolf house is breathtaking featuring glass-clad walls, huge rooms that open leading to the open-plan living area, which includes huge televisions and a huge sofa and an easy access to the luxurious kitchenette, with an enormous fridge that is filled with drinks.
Sniper Wolf’s workspace is akin to the design with a glass-fronted entrance which leads to a completely white space.

The space is hidden in a corner and is surrounded by acoustic foam. Lia claims is essential because the glass doors make it hard to hear. Meanwhile, shelves in the back are home to her personal items as well as her gold YouTube plaque.

The house of SSSniperWolf has an air-conditioned wine room, the main bathroom is huge with her toilets and basins and a bedroom that has an amazing view of the backyard. The house also features an outdoor bar, a built-in barbecue as well as a heated indoor pool, as well as hot tub with views of the mountainside and out over the city.

SssniperWolf chose not to disclose the amount she spent on the house, however it is evident by the photos of her gorgeous new home that she paid a significant amount of money.

Sssniperwolf: Some Amazing Facts

  • Sssniperwolf is a well-known YouTuber gamer and social media star American-born British.
  • She has a lot of viewers and subscribers on YouTube.
  • Her birthplace was Liverpool, England, on October 22 , 1992.
  • The family she was born into was an Christian family.
  • She has also won Gamer of the Year several times throughout her career.
  • Her name is also well-known due to her involvement in online games like Call of Duty and PUBG videos
  • She also created the account on YouTube. YouTube account.
  • At the very least, SSSniperWolf has been apprehended.

SSSniperWolf shared a mugshot with her followers in August of 2016, which revealed that she was detained when a domestic fight got out of control. “So my neighbors called police after hearing shouting and she was arrested for disorderly behavior,” she tweeted, noting, “laughing at my photo.

When SSSniperWolf threw a temper outrage because Sssniperwolf Boyfriend changed the background of his phone to a picture of “some random chick” she posted on YouTube just a few weeks ago to explain that she as well as Sausage were in jail. SSSniperWolf denied the motive for the arrest, describing it as the “dumbest thing that’s ever happened.”

After her arrest in 2016 news of an earlier incident with authorities was revealed. There was speculation on the internet that SSSniperWolf was found guilty of the armed robbery that occurred three years before in the past, and YouTube scandal-hound KeemStar publishing the alleged invoices via Twitter. Then, The Gamers From Mars stated that this accusations were based on assault, and that it was a result of a miscommunication with an undercover officer.

Based on his video the officer mistakenly believed SSSniperWolf as a shoplifter, and took her bag which prompted her to confront him. She was later given a year’s probation due to the incident.
SSSniperWolf hasn’t been to any doctor in the past 10 years.

A lot of people don’t like visiting the doctor, but SSSniperWolf did have an acceptable reason to be absent for the entire time. The YouTuber revealed on her blog in 2014 how she experienced an awful experience visiting a doctor when she was a young person and that the experience had an impact on her for the rest of her life.

She went for 10 years without seeing a physician because of the experiences. “I’m terrified of going for a visit to the physician,” she said. “she was terrified since as amidst her experience growing up, the specialist requested me strip my dress without reason before my mom. From that point forward, she hasn’t seen the specialist in some time. since then, and she’s not sure she’ll ever do so.”

SSSniperWolf provided more details about her struggles in September 2016 when she fell ill for three consecutive days and had no choice but to seek medical attention. The YouTuber explained she visited the doctor often between the ages of nine and 14 because thyroid issues led her to “lose one tonne of pounds.”

The incident happened in an incident during one of the sessions as per SSSniperWolf. “He forced me to get naked and then he took me by the hand,” she said in an open video recorded just prior to her first appointment with a doctor within ten years, stating that the whole experience had resulted in her being “scarred and traumatized.”

How do I determine the name of the sssniperWolf?


SSSniperWolf is also called Lia in social media is a American-born British YouTube star known by her games and reactions Sssniperwolf videos.

What is sssniperWolf’s age?

She is 29 years old.

Does sssniperWolf have a spouse?

She’s currently dating a man. Evan Sausage, a YouTuber by job, was her boyfriend.

What’s the highest point of SssniperWolf?

Five feet three inches high, beautiful and elegant she has defied many social boundaries and opened the way to self-love for an entire generation of teenagers.

How much is worth of SssniperWolf?

One of the most well-paid YouTubers is SSSniperwolf. SSSniperwolf Net worth estimated to be around $7 million.