Signs Your Thermostat is Failing

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Having your own home is a joy. The feeling of coming home and relaxing in the comfort of your own space is priceless, but it can be expensive to keep up with. One of the most common issues homeowners face is a broken thermostat. A faulty thermostat can result in high energy bills, uncomfortable temperatures, and costly repairs.

Many people are under the impression that there is only one way to control your central heating unit. While it’s true that most homes have a wall-mounted thermostat, this isn’t the only way to control your home’s temperature. There are other options out there, but they might not work for you. 

If you struggle to keep up with the monthly electric bill, it might be time to review some of your habits. Here are some signs that will help you figure out if it’s time to upgrade your system and get yourself an alternate type of wireless programmable thermostat!

The screen turns black

When the thermostat screen turns black, there is a problem with the motherboard or power supply. It could be due to natural causes- high voltage fluctuations, electrical storms, excess humidity, and so on, or it can also be caused by tampering of the thermostat by users.If your thermostat fails to show any data on the screen, it is probably due to a problem with the motherboard or power supply- which means that you will need to get it replaced by an expert.

Flickering lights

A dull, flickering light is a sign that the thermostat is running out of energy, or there is some other issue with it. Unfortunately, this can sometimes worsen before it gets better, so the owner should be prepared for even more severe consequences if they cannot quickly repair it.

The thermostat keeps “resetting”:

The reset button of a thermostat is used when there’s an error with the software. However, it will keep on popping up on the screen until it is fixed. If this keeps happening, then the wireless programmable thermostat will not control the temperature in the room.

The screen turns red

An overheating thermostat will automatically turn itself off to avoid any damage. However, if it fails, you will notice that the screen starts turning red, and you might even feel the heat emanating from it.

Completely turned off

If your thermostat turns off completely, it is because it can no longer handle the load and therefore shuts down to prevent damage (probably due to a hardware failure). It may be time for you to replace your old device with a new one.

The thermostat is out of control

If the thermostat is in an unpredictable state, then there are chances that you will be unable to do anything with it. Your only option might be to disconnect the device until you get it repaired by a professional.

Gets stuck or freezes

This can sometimes be a sign that your wireless programmable thermostat is running out of memory. In such cases, you will need to reset it before using it again. However, if the screen freezes for a more extended period and does not respond or show any data, then you should move on to replace your device with a new one immediately.

Humidity in the air

If you notice a weird smell in your area or there’s a lot of humidity in the air, then it means that there is too much moisture accumulating on your thermostat. This may be due to exposure to water or excess humidity. While this might not cause any severe damage, it’s best to get rid of this smell as soon as possible.

The device goes off during the day

This usually happens when there is some problem with the thermostat’s software or hardware. However, it may also be due to the poor signal reception of the thermostat.

The device goes off during nighttime

If your thermostat goes off during the night, there must be some problem with the hardware or battery- it might have gone off due to overheating or a low power supply. It can also be because someone tampered with it.

You hear loud noises

Loud noises are the result of physics in action- when there is a problem with the fan or other similar components, you will hear them clicking loudly due to excessive friction (especially if they are not appropriately lubricated).

It starts making weird noises

Noises are a clear indicator that something is wrong. If your wireless programmable thermostat sounds different from before, it might be time to get it checked by an expert- you don’t want any damage caused by the device due to your ignorance.

The device fails to respond

If you notice that your thermostat is not responding, it means that there is an internal error in the device- which could be due to a problem with the motherboard or firmware. It’s time for you to call upon an expert to replace your thermostat before any damage is caused.


In summary, your thermostat is a very delicate device that needs to be handled with care at all times. It may even break down without noticing it due to natural causes or tampering with other people. In such cases, it’s best if you pay attention to the warning signs.

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