Signs that it’s time to get an eye exam done

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One of the important ways to keep yourself healthy is by keeping up with regular exams. These help in timely and early discovery of disease or disorders, and therefore improve patient prognosis.

Eye exams

: Keeping up

Just as you keep track of the rest of your health, you also need to dispense similar care to your eyes as well.

Getting regular eye exams might not be vital for those with perfect vision and no issues otherwise, but getting exams done from the Eye specialist in Islamabad is important if you observe the following signs:


People over the age of 40 need to visit their eye specialist for an exam. The frequency of the exams is contingent on your health, your history etc. and your doctor will then determine how frequently you need to visit them.


Allergies not only affect your skin, but they also have an impact on the health of your eyes as well. When allergies come in contact with the eyes, they then tend to water, become red and swollen. There can also be watery discharge from the eyes alongside a burning sensation. Common allergens include pollen, mold, dust mites, smoke, and certain strong irritants.

Eye problems

If you are experiencing eye problems, then you also need to schedule a visit to the doctor. There are different types of eye problems that can manifest, including having double vision, seeing halos, experiencing floaters etc. These are signs that there is something wrong with your eyes.  Hence, you need to visit the doctor to get the issue treated.

Eye strain

If you use a lot of screens and are experiencing digital eye strain, the symptoms of which include watering of the eyes, fatigue in the eyes, headaches, neck and shoulder aches, problems focusing etc., then you should also consult a doctor.

Sometimes, to help with the digital eye strain in cases where the use of screens cannot be avoided, doctors can prescribe special glasses or lenses that help reduce the strain on the eyes.

Risk factors

Being on high risk for eye disease also merits a visit to the doctor. Certain factors put you at high risk, including being old, having diabetes, especially when it is uncontrolled, suffering from vision problems, or have family or personal history of eye disease.

Furthermore, if you have had some eye procedure done, follow-up visits are imperative as the doctor needs to ascertain the progress.


If you have had an injury to the eye, or had one recently, you then need to also visit the doctor to get evaluated.


Having vision problems also requires regular visits to the doctor. If your prescription is fine, then you can make do without a visit to the doctor.

However, having blurred vision, straining to look, experiencing persistent headaches, difficulty reading text, having problems with driving, cannot look at faraway or near objects etc., then it is likely that it is a case of renewal of the vision prescription.

You can also visit your optometrist for this, and they can also check if the correction apparatus is carrying the right prescription. If despite getting it checked and corrected the problem is persisting, then you must visit your doctor.

Haven’t gone to the doctor in recent times

It is time to go to the doctor when you have not visited them in recent times. If you have eye problems like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts etc., it is vital that you keep up with your doctor’s appointments.

Doctors not only need to see the effectiveness of the treatment, but they also need to check the progress of the disease.


Your doctor will most likely inform you when you need to next visit them, but if you have missed an appointment, schedule one immediately with the Best Eye specialist in Lahore

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