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Shanna Riley

Shanna Riley is famous because of her husband, Roman Atwood. This article will cover all you must learn regarding Shanna Riley. Continue reading.

What is Shanna Riley Look Like?

Shanna Riley appears to be a gorgeous brunette lady with a pale skin tone, stunning gray eyes and golden brown hair. In addition to Shanna Riley’s Instagram profile, she’s not connected to any social media platforms. Additionally, she’s an extremely private person who would prefer keeping her private life out from the media.

When and where was Shanna Riley born?

Shanna’s birth name used to be Shanna Janette Riley prior to her was married to Roman. Although we do not know where exactly the birth of her daughter was located, we are not sure the possibility that her birthplace was Utah. Her birthday is celebrated on the 21st of February every year.

Is Shanna Riley Older Than Her Ex-husband?

From the data that we have already provided, Shanna Riley is a couple of months older that her husband. The two Roman as well as Shanna had their births in the exact similar year (1983) but Roman had been born May 28,, and Shanna was born on February 21 – which makes her only two months more old than Roman.

According to various sources, Shanna’s romance with a guy could be the start of the end for Roman and her marriage. The person believed to be involved in love with Shanna could be identified as an employee of Roman’s production team, as well as an acquaintance.

When Roman was made aware of her affair Roman, the YouTube star was able to file for divorce. On the 17th of November 2001, a couple legally married at each 18 years old had their wedding annulled. The marriage lasted for just a decade. was.

Shanna Riley’s Private Life

Well, Shanna Riley is divorced and single when we speak about her private life. Shanna Riley’s spouse, Roman Atwood, was her high school crush. Roman And Shanna Riley got married on the 17th of November 2001, shortly after Shanna completed her high school graduation. When they got married, at that time, during their wedding they were both in love with each other. Noah Atwood was born on the 18th of October, 2004 following Shanna and Roman got married for 3 years.

Roman the ex-husband of Shanna is also an YouTuber. Roman was divorced of Shanna at the end of 2008 alleging that she had been cheating with him while in vacation. According to report, Shanna was having an affair with Atwood’s fellow worker who was a producer. Both enjoyed a positive relationship to the production. Additionally, Shanna’s infidelity caused her husband to file for divorce.

The Quick Wiki overview

  • Full Name: Shanna Riley
  • Initial Name: Shanna
  • The Last Name: Riley
  • The Date of Birth: February 21 March 1983
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Profession: Social Media Influencers
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity North: American
  • Birth City: Utah
  • The Birth Country: United States
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • No Of Children: 1
  • Net worth: $12 M

A Shanna-Roman Relationship

The Shanna-Roman relationship didn’t last for long enough to allow the general public to be able to understand. Thus, the majority of people were interested in learning the more details concerning Shanna Riley.

This article will concentrate on the facts surrounding Shanna Atwood, the Ex-wife of Roman Atwood. Before that let’s take a short review of Roman’s life because he’s the one that was the one who helped Shanna become a well-known person in the first place.

Roman Atwood – Shanna Riley’s Husband

Roman was born on May 28, 1983. In the city in Millersport, Ohio, was the birthplace of the actor. Romeo was an Streamy Award winner and nominee since 2014, but his love of filmmaking could be traced back to high school. He launched an item line called Smile More.

A lot of people recognize Roman Atwood as a YouTube celebrity, prankster and comedian. On YouTube, Roman publishes video clips of his daily activities as well as plays pranks with other YouTubers. Since the year 2010, Roman has been posting Prank videos on YouTube.

At present, it is estimated that he owns more than 25million users who subscribe to his channel, and that he’s on the close to seven billion viewers. Alongside being a popular YouTuber, Mr. Atwood is also an acclaimed performer and producer.

One of his most recent works includes Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams, released in 2017. The Natural born Pranksters was the movie that he produced and directed in the year 2016. He also appeared in the TV show Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

Shanna Riley’s Wedding Life

We’ve learned a bit regarding the Roman Atwood already. Shanna Riley was married Roman Atwood in Licking County, Ohio, on November 17th 2001. The couple had a relationship for two years prior to when they got married. They got married at the age of 18 , and made the decision to not start a family at that moment. The couple wanted to start children within three years after their wedding. On the 18th of October, 2004, Shanna gave birth to Noah Vaughn Atwood. Noah was Shanna’s only son. When Shanna her husband, Riley was on vacation, her shady behavior on Roman was a disaster for the family of three. tranquil life.

In 2008. Roman discovered that the woman who was with his wife in an additional marital relationship was his co-worker. Then Roman sought divorce however, it wasn’t until one year later that divorce proceedings started.

The divorce was finalized in the year 2010 and then completed in the year the year 2011. Despite Shanna’s treason the court refused to allow complete Roman the custody rights of their child. The child was in the supervision of both.

Roman could keep him at home on weekends, while Shanna is with him throughout the week. Then, on Oct. 10, 2015 Roman was granted the custody of the child. His ex-wife was allowed visit and spend time with their child.

Roman was in love with Brittney Smith while awaiting the outcome of divorce. On the 23rd October of 2011 their first baby, Kane Atwood, was born. They welcomed Cora to the world on the 16th of July 2017. He has now three children and one of them is Noah.

“This is my greatest achievement,” Roman wrote this caption on one of his uploaded photos. The two of them battled throughout their divorce completed. Through twitter, Roman was adamant about calling his former wife “a “Bitch” and expressed his displeasure over her.

The Children of Shanna Riley

Shanna as well as Roman Atwood, even though they have no feelings towards one another but they share a strong relationship with their son Noah Vaughn Atwood. His family includes two kids: Kane Alexander Atwood (his brother) and Cora Atwood (his youngest sibling). Brittney Smith was the woman Roman started seeing following Shanna’s betrayal, was born to them on the 23rd of October the 23rd of October, 2011, and June 16, 2017 respectively.

Shanna Riley, and Roman were awarded joint custody following a lengthy legal battle over who should have the child. She was able to obtain an order from the court to stop Roman from making use of Noah in his movies once. This was just a temporary.

What does Roman Think of Shanna Riley Right Now?

It’s normal for a man to be respectful of the woman who is mother of his child regardless of what the circumstances. This isn’t the case as you’d expect. When Roman was notified that his ex-wife had been cheating she was cheating, he called her ” A bitch” on his Twitter.

Shanna Riley’s professional Life

It’s impossible to determine what Shanna is doing since the end of her marriage. It’s not clear what she does for a living, or if she’s involved in any type of personal relationship in the present. Her appearance is slowly disappearing. In addition, regarding her religion or ethnicity her religion is Caucasian or an Christian but it’s not verified either.

Furthermore, there is we do not have any information on Shanna Riley’s father or mother is found when we search for Shanna Riley’s Wikipedia info. In the same way, we are not aware regarding Shanna Riley’s children.