Secret of Fentanyl Addiction & How to Make an Addict Join Drug Rehab

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Fentanyl is a powerful opioid painkiller prescribed to treat pain, especially in cancer cases. Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin! 

This opioid is available illegally on the streets. Peddlers often mix it with other drugs like cocaine and heroin. The user hardly figures out he or she is taking mixed cocaine or heroin! As per drug experts, this is one of the reasons for drug overdose and deaths.

Vermont drug rehab center sees a lot of fentanyl addicts. Some of them became addicts through the illegal use of this painkiller. While others continued the use of their prescription painkiller and got addicted. 

Why do people love to take fentanyl?

Fentanyl binds with the opiate receptors of the brain. These receptors are associated with feelings of pleasure and other emotions. 

A fentanyl user experiences the following three things, which play an important role in making him/her an addict:

  • The user feels extreme relaxation 
  • They experience amazing pain relief
  • They get a feeling of euphoria

The above are positive feelings. That’s why users want to use fentanyl regularly. However, regular use causes tolerance. Then the user takes more of this painkiller. Ultimately, he or she becomes addicted to it. 

The dawn of realization 

The right time to call the addiction hotline is the day you realize you have become dependent on this painkiller. Do not ignore this realization. Act on it as fast as possible. This is because prolonged use of this opioid painkiller can produce damaging effects on the body. 

What if an addict doesn’t want to enroll in rehab?

Rehab programs are successful as long as the addict wants to drop the addiction. You cannot force somebody to enroll in the rehab, no matter how urgently they need it. Coercion rarely works. 

When you find your loved one addicted to a drug, talk to them and tell them the dangers of fentanyl addiction. Speak to them about the benefits of a drug rehab program. Thereafter, you must wait for the person to make their own choice. 

If your loved one seems reluctant to join a rehab, you can show some tough love. Tell them you would, no longer, support them financially and in other aspects of life. This may also help a person realize their destructive ways and decide to seek fentanyl withdrawal treatment

Whatever way you make them realize their folly, ultimately, the decision to enroll in rehab depends on the addict. In other ways, it’s only the addict who can decide for their life – whether they wish to stay in addiction or become sober. 

An addict desperately trying to fight his/her addiction may even search for “drug treatment center near me” on their own. In this case, mental health retreats for men, you must provide them your full support and help them in their journey to de-addiction. 

Looking for a rehab center? You can easily find a reputable one in your area online. Choose a center depending on your addiction needs and budget. 

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