Scope of Human Resource Management in Future Jobs

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The prime focus of any business is to earn profit and ensure its growth. It will consider every possible option to make sure this aspect. All the management and employees will work together to achieve organizational goals. In this regard, human resource management always plays an important role. The role of human resource management has completely changed since the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses are highly relying on this department of the business. It will help them to manage the workforce, hiring, and retention.

Apart from this, it will help them evaluate employees’ performance. It will also help them to improve their performance. So, we cannot deny the importance of HRM in an organization. With time, the scope and responsibilities of HRM are changing. This article by aims to discuss the scope of human resource management in future jobs. So, let’s discuss in detail:

Remote Working:

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the nature of businesses has totally changed. After the outbreak, almost every business has adopted different working strategies. One of those strategies is remote working. In this working style, employees can work from anywhere. So, human resource management is adapting to different working situations. It will involve the usage of the latest technology. Also, It will help HRM to work and communicate with other employees. It will also consider the training of employees to use that technology. Apart from this, it will also ensure productivity and employee engagement. So, human resource management and remote working practices will closely collaborate.

Management of Remote Workers:

As mentioned earlier, COVID-19 changed the nature of businesses. But, most businesses were already adapting remote working. And, this trend increased after the outbreak of coronavirus. There are several issues that human resource management has to deal with. It has to manage the motivation and productivity of remote workers. So, it has one of the biggest challenges that HR management has to face. It can adapt lest technology that can help them to cope with such issues. It will also help them to measure their working time. This way, it will produce result-based performance analysis.

Human Resource Management and Artificial Intelligence:

Several trends are changing the role of human resource management in future jobs. One of those trends is artificial intelligence (AI). There is also a huge debate that AI will soon replace humans for future jobs. But, artificial intelligence will provide a lot of benefits to HRM. AI will help this department with the big data to improve the efficiency of an organization. This way, it will help an organization to increase its value. Nowadays, HR departments are also using HR Chatbots. They are performing a lot of tasks like attendance and salary slip generation.

Gig Economy:

A business always works on long-term and short-term business goals. Both goals will help it achieve business targets such as growth and profitability. Nowadays, most businesses prefer the concept of the gig economy. In the gig economy, a business will hire people on short-term contracts. It is important to note that it will not offer them permanent jobs. And It can hire freelancers, project-based workers, and contractors. It will again depend on the nature of the business and the work it is hiring. So, human resource management is reevaluating its policies to accept this culture. These policies will help them to evaluate the performance of employees. Apart from this, it will enable them to track the business growth.

Employee Experience:

Employee experience is one of the most important aspects of human resource management. It is an experience that will focus on employee performance since day one. The future of human resource management will highly depend on employees. Apart from this, it will also depend on their user experience. We all know that technology is changing with every passing day. Change of technology will also replace conventional tools of employee engagement. So, it will help employees to experience a competitive advantage. This way, human resource management will enhance employee experience.


Human resource management is the key component of any business. After the COVID-19, it has become very important for many businesses. The scope of HRM is being very important for future jobs. This article discussed some of the major areas where it would be helpful. It will help the business to manage remote working. Apart from this, it will measure the productivity of remote workers. It will also work close with artificial intelligence. It also tracks the performance of workers and makes sure employee experience.

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