Save Instagram photo and save videos from Instagram with a simple solution!

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Unlike apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, where you can easily save a photo with one tap and even save it to auto mode, Instagram, which is a platform for sharing pictures and videos, does not have this feature at all. Is; Something that might be very useful for managing your personal Instagram page. Join us in this article to give you great practical solutions for saving Instagram photos, saving videos even for iPhones, saving these photos and videos without any software, and also enlarging your Instagram profile. Let’s teach.  So do not miss reading this article and if you also want to take Real Instagram followers visit our blog.

 How to save videos from Instagram and save photos?

Instagram is one of the trending apps these days whose main purpose is to share pictures and videos. Unfortunately, the application itself does not have any way to save videos on Instagram or its photos by default, so you can save any photo or movie you want in your gallery with the touch of a button. But do not worry, technology is not idle and has found a solution for this.

One of the convenient and hassle-free ways to download Instagram photos to your computer is to use the PrtSc print screen hardware key to download Instagram Explorer videos. To do this, you need to log in to your Instagram account from your computer and its browser. Then go to the photo page you want and then press the print screen key on your keyboard. This makes it look like you made a copy of your desktop screen. Now you need to open an application such as Paint on your computer and by right-clicking and selecting the paste option or using the combination keys for it, ie Ctrl + V, the desired image on the desired page look.

You can delete photo extensions with photo editing software or even Paint itself and then save it. In this way, you can use the computer to save Instagram photos. There are several sites for this, such as for storing photos. For movies, is a good option. You can even do this easily with the help of one of the Google Chrome extensions called Image Downloader.

Save photos from Instagram

How to save video from Instagram on iPhone?

iPhone that has shown operating system, iOS, is usually very unique, and its software is also special. Therefore, with the help of the tricks that are proposed for Android, it is not possible to save Instagram photos on iPhones. One way to do this is to use the InstaSaver application. With the help of this application, you can use Instagram to save videos on your iPhone or even photos. You need iOS 7 or higher to run this application. To download the application, you know that the best possible way is to use the App Store.

Another program available for this purpose is called Instagram. Download this app from the App Store and run it. Then enter your username and password for your Instagram account. The good thing about this application is that the login to the user account is done with the help of the Instagram site, and therefore no information is given to this application. Then select any photo you want by tapping the share button, which is in the shape of a square with an arrow pointing upwards, and that’s it! The photo or video you want will be saved in the Camera Roll of your iPhone. This way you will be able to save videos from Instagram or its videos on iPhones. Other good programs to do this include:

How to save videos from Instagram without the software?

One of the easiest ways you can save videos from Instagram without software is to use sites that have been set up for this purpose. One of the most famous of these sites is By entering this site, a page will open for you in which you will be asked to enter the address or the same postal URL where the movie or even the photo you want is located. Using the copy link option on your Instagram, copy this address and then paste it into the desired box.

After that, just click on download and enjoy saving videos from Instagram or its videos so easily. The installation offline site can also be helpful. In addition, you can use extensions or the same extensions of Google Chrome or Firefox that are for Instagram. Install these extensions and easily save your Instagram photo or videos from the download button that appears at the top right of the post.

How can I enlarge my Instagram profile?

It must have occurred to you that you want to see the personal profile photo of a friend or a stranger or other people in general on Instagram, but when you tap on the photo, you see those unlike other applications, this is not possible. So in these cases, what should we do to enlarge the Insta profile? There are various ways to do this, like other Instagram jobs, and we will explain one of the easiest of these methods to you so that you can easily save your Instagram photo and your profile photo. This method is to use the Instead site.

Go to a site with the same name and .com extension. At the top of the site, find the phrase Username Search. Then in the desired box, type the username of the person whose profile you want to view and enlarge and you want to see or download the full-size photo. Now on the page, the profile you are looking for will be shown to you. You can see a page by clicking on it.

From this page, select the Full-Size option and that’s it! It is very easy and hassle-free to see the photo you wanted to see in real size and you can see it in real size. You can even save it very easily. With this site, you can even easily view and even save Private user accounts.

Save videos from Instagram

Save videos from Instagram with the help of Insta Dowthe loader site

As we said, there are many different ways to save an Instagram photo or a video from Instagram. We even covered a few of them during this article and gave a brief overview of them. In the following, we are going to explore another simple way that can be used to save Instagram photos or even save videos from Instagram. We have done it. This method is nothing but using the Snita Downloader site whose address is installed downloader. co. Even if you type the phrase fa in the URL of this site, the language of the site will be Persian very easily and you can do your job more easily than before. One of the uses of this software is for those who are in charge of managing the Instagram page and need to download and publish various photos and videos daily. They can also purchase its views after the videos are released.

To use this site, you only need the URL of the post you want. To do this, in your Instagram application, tap on the top three points of the post where you want to save the photo or video, and then select the Copy Link option. Now go back to the Insta Downloader site and paste the address in the box in the middle of the page. For the last step, click on these download, which is green. After a few moments, you will be sent to a page where the file you want is located and you can proceed to download it.

Summary text save Instagram photo

There are many different ways to save Instagram photos or videos from Instagram, some with the help of third-party software and others directly through special sites for this purpose. Here are some simple yet practical ways to do this that you can easily get help from and you can also purchase real Instagram followers at cheap rates after reading this article.


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