Top Reddit SoccerStreams Alternatives – for Live Streaming 2022,

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Following the demise of a subreddit that had 100k subscribers, reddit/SoccerStreams has been rebranded to copyright concerns was removed. Here are some most effective alternatives to r/soccerstreams, so that you don’t miss soccer leagues that are coming up, obviously for no cost. We have listed the top options to play all leagues of football at high definition 1080p or 720p.

What is Reddit soccerstreams?

SoccerStreams subreddit was among the most suitable options for those who do not want to pay for channel subscriptions. The subreddit gained a lot of popularity during the Fifa Worldcup 2018. At this World Cup event more than 100k users were visiting this site to find soccer stream hyperlinks.

The page was flooded with hundreds of links just 30 minutes before the match. One could live stream a football game at high HD quality. Direct links, Sopcast linksand Acestream Links were accessible on SoccerStreams.

A majority of these sites operate on P2P technology which is similar to torrent sites. The most appealing thing about these streaming websites is that they could live stream with high quality as well as without buffering.

Unfortunately, the website has been removed due to copyright violations by the Premium League team. It was among the most trusted subreddits to share HD live streams.

Here we are with the top alternatives we could come across for the r/soccerstreams 2022.

Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives

Best Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams include:

#1 r/Soccerstreams69 (Shutdown)

This subreddit was made for those who wish to utilize Reddit as their primary site for football streaming. Because this subreddit is tiny in terms of size to r/soccerstreams, streaming links for all games are not available on this subreddit. Asian leagues as well as other leagues with less popularity will likely not receive streaming links.

#2 r/Footballtactics

This subreddit offers streaming links that are available just moments before the game begins. A lot of people post links to various games. So, it is quite likely that you’ll be able to locate an online link for the football game you’re searching for! At present, it has less than 10k people. There are more than 1k people using the site at any given moment. The majority of links that are posted on this site are from AceStream. So, you don’t need to be concerned about buffering.

#3 r/soccer

Redsoccer is a relatively new site as it was only created after SoccerStreams was shut down. It does not have many users. However, the links that are available are extremely helpful! To ensure the highest quality of the links that stream there are a variety of rules that must be adhere to by those who are permitted to publish stream links to this site. Only streams that are direct stream are allowed to begin. The quality of streams can be described as SD or HD.

#4 r/USsoccer/

USsoccer attempted to transform its focus to what r/USsoccer/ was! The entire process is handled via their discord channel which is clear that the reddit sub is not even a single. Since Soccer Streams has been taken off the internet recently, we can’t confirm if Soccer Thunder will be allowed to be used for a lengthy period of time. But, you are able to use this site so long as it’s accessible.

#5 r/SoccerstreamsRedd

In response to the repeated bans of subreddits identified as having streams, r/soccerstreamsredd was born. The subreddit lacks amusing aspects, doesn’t appear attractive, and shows only a small amount of links at a time. After the links have been taken out into use, they’re removed. This helps to prevent the site from being blocked.

#6 r/chelseafc

Chelsea soccer club also known as chelseafc is a subreddit and forum specifically dedicated specifically to Chelsea soccer club. The subreddit has more than 130k members active. In this subreddit you can find the most up-to-date information and news, as well as match schedules. In this subreddit, users also share images of football games and debate football matches.

Discord Channel for Live Football Links

Discord Channel for Live Football Links

If you’re looking for information on tech, then you’ve seen or heard of Discord. Discord is an VoIP application utilized to share images, text, audio and videos that relate to games. It is possible to use the Discord application on any operating system and also on web browsers.

After Reddit removed SoccerStreams discord servers, they began their operations. Within a few weeks there were more than 1.5 million members joined the server and there are now thousands of users online at any given moment.

Discord’s operation Discord is similar to the SoccerStreams subreddit. Users can direct message moderators or admins to share links to their channel. After they have approved the message, you’re able to forward links to any game! Additionally, you will be granted a role as a streamer to share links in the future. Similar to SoccerStreams streamers, streamers can share hyperlinks to live matches just 1 hour before the game begins. But, channel links will only be available 30 minutes prior to the game. Therefore, if you access the discord channel while there isn’t a live match taking place, you will not see any channels. AceStream links for live soccer matches is among the most popular AceStream links that serve websites for football fans. You will discover links for not just football, but also Basketball and Tennis games. Contrary to SoccerStream Acelisting offers channels with links one week prior to the game. This means that you can be able to see the upcoming games and AceStream links on the website up to a week prior to the match!

On the home page of this site there is a schedule of all matches scheduled on the day. In addition to the schedule of events you will see AceStream links. AceStream links.

If you’ve got AceStream running on your system, then you’ll need to select the links in your browser. This will open the AceStream application on your device and begin streaming the game through AceStream. AceStream channel.

This site lists channels that are broadcasting Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Portugal A Liga, Argentina SuperLiga, Columbia Primera A, Champions League, French League, Italian League, Europa League, and many more. There are also the links to several channels which broadcast the same match in various languages.

Alternative Site: for acestream links.

Conclusion: Soccer Streams Reddit Gone

These were the top alternatives to reddit soccerstreams 2021 which we were able to find via the web! But, it is important to know that even these websites could be taken down without notice prior to copyright issues. However, until then, you could explore these alternative options, Discord channel and AceStream link that is available on the website and then decide which one is for you best to get streams of soccer live. If you have any websites that provide streams of soccer games but isn’t mentioned on this list, then tell us about it via the comments section below.