The Biggest Real Estate Companies UK

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Real Estate Companies UK

Based on customer recommendations and the right choice there have been hundreds of top Real Estate Companies UK. Do you would like to know more about your options of the best real estate companies UK in the present moment? If yes , then you’ve at the right place. We have provided the the top real estate companies UK which are also known as the most prestigious real estate companies London in the UK.

JLL Real Estate Agency:

Location London, England

JLL Real Estate Agency

With the aim of changing the real estate industry, JLL is listed in the top 10 real estate businesses in London. It is among the top estate agents from the real estate industry that provide golden opportunities for earning and offer people a vast space to boost their estimations. JLL is a Fortune-making firm with a massive global workforce of over 86000, 500 corporate branches and more than 300 corporate offices.

CBRE Real Estate Company:

Location: London, England

CBRE Real Estate Company

Established in 1906, CBRE is recognized as the global market leader among the largest property agents within London, UK. With the capacity of over 100000 people each year CBRE succeeds in its mission to complete hundreds of projects for clients from an array of industries. CBRE is the most reliable agency in the real estate industry London company that has a vast amount of market expertise. This kind of way of working permits CBRE to identify opportunities and accelerate their business.

Knight Frank Real Estate Agency:

Location: London, England

Knight Frank Real Estate Agency

Knight Frank is a very popular name from Austria from Zimbabwe and everywhere between. With its night-churching value of properties, Knight Frank real estate agency London is home of over 10000 employees. Knight Frank is offering real estate services, including financial, transactional advice, management, and advisory services.

Savills Real Estate Agency:

Location:33 Margaret Street, Marylebone

Savills Real Estate Agency: 

In the realm of real estate companies UK, Savills is the only one that can boost expertise within the UK. Savills is one of the most highly rated real estate agents which provides outstanding services for worldwide managing property brokers. Savills boasts an impressive one hundred years of experience in the field of real estate. More than 390000 customers are associated to Savills in more than 70 countries. Savills property agents London has more than 1,000 offices across the UK and more than 600 associates and offices across Europe, the US, Africa, Europe and in the Asia Pacific.

Foxtons Real Estate Agency:

Location: London, England

Foxtons Real Estate Agency

Foxtons is a renowned name in the property world in the United Kingdom. They are a top British estate agent that is involved in both lettings and sales. Established in 1981, the first Foxtons office Foxtons was opened within Noting Hills. The real estate company London has become extremely well-known over the years for its innovative approach to the field of estate.

RE/MAX Real Estate Agency:

Location: London, England

RE/MAX Real Estate Agency

RE/MAX is a well-known American world-wide real estate company located in London that operates under an exclusive franchise system. RE/MAX is a short form of Real Estate Maximums; this is one of the most reputable real estate companies that operates across more than 100 countries. There are more than 6,800 office locations around the world, RE/MAX is the family of over 100,000 real estate agents.

Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate Agency:

Location: London, England

Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate Agency:

Cushman & Wakefield short for NYSE:CWK is one the top names among the top real estate companies in the UK. This international real estate service firm provides exceptional value through the implementation of ideas for real estate providers and occupiers.

Home Group Limited Real Estate Agency :

Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Home Group Limited Real Estate Agency :

A major name in this list of the biggest estate agents in the UK, Home Group Limited Company was established around 80 years ago. With assets that have grown to PS2.6 millions, Home Group is the family of real estate agents and managers that produce a revenue greater than PS400 million.

Value Retail PLC Real Estate Agency :

Location: Berkeley Street, London _ England

Value Retail PLC Real Estate Agency

Value Retail PLC is located in the well-known London area. London and is a huge company in the top real estate companies in London. Value Retail PLC is the group of 19 real estate corporate businesses. With 976 top property agents from London, Value Retail PLC produces $369.81 USD each year.