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Converting JPG images to text images has long been an important issue for many. What could you do when you have a nice text on an image or a so-called ‘meme’, and you don’t want to bother writing the whole thing down word by word? Social media is loaded with funny poetry exposed as images with a colourful background, and you would really need to save that text somewhere as a PDF. We have several proposals for the JPG to PDF conversion, but remember: plagiarism is an awful thing, and we don’t encourage it!

Online PDF converters are everywhere, but just as it usually goes in the online realm, not all of them are reliable. A lot of people are sceptical about using such web apps, and we respect their right to think so. Data theft is a serious issue, but the PDF converter that we’re proposing today doesn’t cause such problems for the users.

Convert JPG to PDF

The app available on clique aqui, our top recommendation when it comes to online PDF converters, as it can easily play with your PDF files in pretty much all the ways you need! The app will also delete any uploaded files from its servers within five minutes, which means that your files are secure while using app! Using this web app is extremely convenient for several reasons, and converting a JPG or JPEG image to PDF is extremely simple if you follow these steps:

How about the opposite effect? As we’re confident that the readers of our website are clever and receptive fellows, we’re sure that you must have written something interesting at least at one point in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s stand-up comedy material, love poetry, satire, or something else. You may want to turn that text into a meme and spice it up a bit with some nice graphical effects. The first step is to modify the format from PDF to JPG or PNG, which is why you must return to Lua. Right from the main page of the online app , you’ll have to choose either of the two options, ‘PDF to JPG’ or ‘PDF to PNG’. Once you’re in, the process is pretty much the same and extremely intuitive. Just have your excel to pdf file prepared and let the app do the rest!

The online Lua app works for pretty much any device that’s capable of opening a browser, whether we’re talking about a laptop, a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Even older versions of Windows are also supported, and even if your machine runs on a distribution of Linux or on macOS, Lua will still be able to do its magic.

The Lua online app has pretty much everything a reliable PDF converter needs. It’s super-fast, powerful, it offers a lot of conversion options and even more (compression and merging functionalities for PDF files), and last but not least: it’s entirely free of charge!