Read This If You Are Buying a Biometric Time & Attendance System for Your Office

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Companies that want to prosper and work at the highest capacity must track their employee attendance using biometric. Without required information, a company cannot calculate benefits, decide accurate payroll records, and adhere to labor regulations.

However, maintaining attendance is both labor-intensive for the administrator and the employee. That’s why you need a biometric time clock to maintain the attendance and calculate their accurate payroll. So, if you buy a biometric time and attendance system like ZKTeco U300C, we have some important features to warn you about. Look out for them to ensure the best management system of all. But first, let us understand how these systems work.

How Does a Biometric System Work? 

The biometric time and attendance system use employees’ fingerprints to create unique personal identification. In other words, with the unique fingerprints of employees, the system can identify them and grant them access to the workplace. For the purpose they require:

  • An input device that is present on the site. It is mainly a scanner or a camera that captures the visitor’s biometric information.
  • The second is the software system that authenticates the information by sending it to the input device and validating them.
  • Lastly, the information that the system gets after validation is recorded and then uploaded to the database for future reference.

Many companies are now installing biometrics attendance systems like ZKTeco U300C for high-security purposes. Besides, it makes the management much more efficient and provides enough opportunities to save costs. So, if you too want to avail these benefits, then ensure that the following features are present in your system.

Must-Have Features of The Company’s Biometric Attendance System-

Check out the top features that the best biometric attendance system ensures. It helps gain the maximum benefit from the system.

Large Fingerprint Storage Capacity:

The best biometric attendance system like ZKTeco U300C has a large fingerprint storage capacity. Even if your business does not have too many employees right now, you are surely planning on expanding in the future. In this case, having an attendance system that stores many fingerprints at a time helps.

360-Degree Verification Process:

Most of the time, the employees are in a hurry both when clocking in and clocking out, so having a 360-degree biometric attendance system helps catch the fingerprint quickly. No matter how they place their finger on the optical sensor, a good biometric system can identify the correct entry. Thankfully ZKTeco U300C has the required feature which helps employees in the long run.

Quick Identification Time: 

As we mentioned, employees are always in a hurry, so the biometric sensor you are choosing must be able to sense the fingerprints and transmit the same quickly. This is because nobody likes to stand and waste their time for the system to read them. Not only this, but the reading should also be accurate. According to the reviews of the ZKTeco U300C, it makes a good biometric attendance system as they are quick and accurate in reading.

Easy Installation & Usage:

The most important thing to look at in your biometric attendance system is whether it is easy to install and user-friendly. The employees must not face issues while operating the system like ZKTeco U300C, and it should also be efficient in its job. As a result, the organization can achieve its goal and desired outcomes.


As technology is making lives much better personally and professionally, the requirement of digital attendance at the workplace has increased. No company would like to be at risk of losing the important information of their customer by being pricy thus losing their competitive edge.. For this purpose, installing the best attendance system helps. The above information will help you choose one such system.

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