Pros and Cons of Tattoo Removal

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Tattoos are a work of art, it is the process of getting something inked on the body. Tattooing was developed in around 5,000 BCE, and legalizing it has literally taken years in some countries. It was usually done by people in olden rimes to identify the member of a group and is still used as an identification mark by some groups. Tattoo removal is the process of removing a tattoo that was previously made or editing some part of the tattoo by removing some part of the tattoo previously when tattooing was developed it was considered to be a permanent thing on the body and could not be erased, but later the technique of tattoo removal was introduced which has saved a lot many people from remaining in the guilt of getting a wrong tattoo done. Sometimes we make tattoos drenched in sheer emotions and later we regret it, we draw the name of a lover who later cheats us or uses tattooing as a way to enhance some part of our body such as accident scars and moles.

There are a lot many notions as to whether laser tattoo removal is the right choice or not, in this article we discuss certain pros and cons of tattoo removal.

Pros of tattoo removal:

  1. Relatively painless:

usually people describe that the process of tattoo removal is not painful but that depends on one’s threshold of pain, however, some people say that Tattoo removal is more painful than getting one. Some people find even the laser treatment as painful therefore a proper judgment cannot be passed over this topic that whether Tattoo removal is painful or not because based on a different threshold level it might pain or might not pain to some people.

  1. Non-intrusive:

Another merit of their tattoo removal is that it does not require any surgery. There will be no excision and bloodshed involved. The process is very quick and doesn’t take too much time, nor does one must worry about long months of painful recovery. As a matter of fact, as soon as you’re done with a tattoo removal session you can go about your normal routine.

  1. High success rate:

Laser tattoo removal has been recorded to have a high success rate and is effective in removing tattoos of any kind. The results however are not visible very immediately, it takes a little time, but slowly and gradually the tattoo starts fading away and then finally erases.

Cons of tattoo removal:

  1. Skin pigmentation:

Since an intense beam of light passes through the affected area of your skin several times, it might turn red and become sensitive to touch, sometimes it even gets inflamed. In order to get rid of the inflammation, one must apply Vaseline or an ointment on the affected area. Extra and special care should be given to that part of the body because it tends to be prone to infections as well unless the tattoo is totally removed and the skin naturally heals.

  1. Skin prone to Infection:

We are at risk of getting an infection because the skin becomes inflamed after the procedure and becomes itchy while it heals. It is advisable to prevent itching the affected area because itching increases the risk of getting an infection onto the surface of the affected area. One can keep the healing area of the skin away from inflammation by applying Vaseline or ointment or taking antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

  1. Expensive:

Tattoo removal can be expensive, like laser tattoo removal. Laser Tattoo removal cake is a non-invasive technique of removing tattoos it does not require any anesthesia or medicines or any incision but it is not a very pocket-friendly technique. It depends on which tattoo removal treatment are we choosing from the various techniques of tattoo removal from our body.

  1. Uneven skin color:

When the skin pigment reacts with the powerful laser beam, in some but rare cases it may cause the skin to lose its original tone or color, such exposure of the skin to that intense beam may trigger the production of melanin which in turn turns the area darker than the surrounding skin. Applying sunblock cream to that area of the skin can prevent it from darkening even more. Special attention should be given to that area of the body.

The process of tattoo removal according to dermatologists has become very mainstream, instead of wasting time in thinking of getting a tattoo removed, one should consult a dermatologist and ask for what special care should be taken and just go for it! Tattoo removal is sometimes a good option, better make a move of erasing something inked from the body than seeing it every day and cursing yourself for getting it done.


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