Prerequisites for An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

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A bachelor’s degree is an essential requirement for professionals who are looking to enter the workforce. Education from a bachelor’s degree makes you more competent and marketable to an employer. If you are keen to pursue a bachelor’s degree from an academically rich country like Canada, then you don’t have to uproot yourself.

Instead, you can look into bachelor’s degrees online in Canada, which will provide you with excellent skills from the comfort of your home. Read on to know why you should consider virtual studies and everything you need to be eligible for online education in Canada.

Entry requirements for an online bachelor’s degree 

Canada has long enjoyed being a popular destination for international students and welcomedapproximately642,480 international students in 2019. This number has significantly risen in recent years as there has been a 44% year-over-year growth in Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holders.

The country has an excellent academic infrastructure, a robust economy, and an overall multicultural environment that is welcoming towards international students. All this makes it a favorable destination for students.

However, not everyone finds it easy to uproot themselves and move to a new place. Such students and even working professionals can benefit from a Canadian education with an online bachelor’s degree. To be eligible for this, the following requirements must be met:

  • The candidate should be twenty-one (21) years of age or older and hold a Canadian High School (Grade 12) diploma or equivalent.
  • They should be out of high school for at least two (2) years and must present documented proof of academic, professional, or volunteer activities.
  • International students whose first language is not English need to present an IELTS score of 6.5 or more with a minimum of 6.0 in the writing band or equivalent.

Why opt for a Canadian online bachelor’s degree

Several advantages make an online bachelor’s degree from Canada a great option for students.

Make the most of a Canadian education 

Those who cannot afford to study on-campus in Canada or are restricted by other reasons can enjoy the full benefit of this online degree. It serves as a great platform to enrich students with robust knowledge and expertise, all while allowing them to enjoy the benefit of Canadian education. The online degree has the same curriculum as its on-campus counterpart and is taught using the latest tools and techniques.

Flexible education 

Not only do you get to add an impressive Canadian bachelor’s degree to your resume, but you also get to enjoy the advantage of flexible education. This means you don’t have to commute to the classroom or shuffle your schedule around too much. You can study as per your suitability and all you require is a strong internet connection and a functional laptop or desktop. Studying at your own pace gives you the independence to do other things and doesn’t constrict your work-life balance.

Affordable education 

Higher education is costly and often, the financial aspect becomes a hurdle for many students. Online studies eliminate this problem as it is more affordable and gives you all the required learning without burning a hole in your pocket.

An online bachelor’s degree in Canada can be a stepping stone to a bright future that is full of new possibilities. It is an easy and accessible way to enjoy the much talked about Canadian education, which remains a preferred route of success for many international students.

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