Panel Lift Garage Doors – Are They the Best Choice?

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Panel lift garage doors consist of horizontal panels that are connected to create a single door. These panels are fitted on wheels which are set into a track on each side of the door. These tracks guide the door through a relatively tight curve to re-form the door horizontally when the door is in the open position. They are also known as sectional garage doors.

What is the Difference Between a Panel Lift Door and a Roller Door?

If you need to choose the right garage door to suit your style, you might wonder what is the difference between panel lift garage doors and a roller door. They both roll up, right?

A sectional or panel garage door is a hinged panel-type door lying on a track horizontally, parallel with the ceiling of the garage. A roller door, on the other hand, is a continuous curtain of corrugated steel that rolls up into a drum. Roller doors are generally made from steel or aluminium and are popular for being space savers.

Tips To Help You Choose the Right Garage Door

When choosing a garage door, consider all factors that will play a role in the long run. The purchase and installation price might be the initial factor for you; however, cheap is not always your best guideline to follow.

It is better to choose a door that will last for a long time rather than a door with a lower price tag that you’ll need to replace very quickly. There are several other things you need to think of when choosing the right door for your home, some of which are listed below:

  • Affordability: You need to do some research on installers and compare prices before you decide. It’s better to spend a bit more on a door that will last longer because it’s a quality product that’s installed with good workmanship.
  • Style and size: Not all garage doors are designed for your specific setup. Hence you need to be very careful about the design you choose, with options including panel doors, timber garage doors, and roller doors. Additionally, you want a door that blends in with the exterior of your premises for aesthetics. And of course it must be easy to use, so pay careful attention to the hinging system.
  • Guarantees: The guarantee the installer offers, along with the material that is used to manufacture these doors, is an excellent guide on the quality of the product. In most cases, longer guarantees mean a better product.

Benefits of a Panel Lift Garage Door

Each garage door type is unique in the way it’s designed and offers various benefits. Some benefits of panel lift garage doors include:

  • Available in a range of designs and colour, making them super attractive and versatile to blend in with most exterior designs.
  • A lightweight stylish garage door option.
  • Window panels that can be incorporated, allow natural light into the garage.
  • Reliable.
  • Highly durable.
  • Since each panel is connected to the main garage door track, you can easily repair a single faulty panel without having to repair your whole garage door.
  • Popular for the space they save.
  • They are wider than your standard garage door, adding extra space to the opening area.
  • Because they don’t open outward, they allow you much more usable parking space, so you can park much closer to the door than with a monolithic door.

How Do You Maintain a Panel Lift Garage Door?

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity of your door. Whether you have a brand-new door or an existing door that just needs TLC, you may be wondering how you should maintain these doors.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your panel lift garage door:

  • Listen to the door in motion: Well-maintained doors should run quietly and smoothly during operation. One of the first signs that your door is not functioning correctly, is when strange noises or a jerkiness occurs as the door opens or closes.
  • Keep your door clean: Do regular surface checks for rust spots or water damage.
  • Keep your tracks and hinges lubricated and clean: To ensure the smooth operation of your garage door, always make sure your tracks are clean and that your hinges are lubricated, to reduce stress on moving components. If you have a roller door, it is recommended that you polish the tracks.
  • Schedule regular services: Have your panel lift garage door serviced once in the first 12 months and every two years thereafter to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Panel lift garage doors are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier while upgrading your house’s exterior look. With regular maintenance of a high-quality panel lift door. These doors are guaranteed to last with little to no hassle, even with daily use.