Outdoor Privacy Blinds and How They Can Be Beneficial for Your Home

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If you reside in Melbourne, you should be familiar with the weather conditions. Having outdoor privacy blinds can be a great help to enjoy your patio to its full potential, all year round—not to mention the added privacy if you have neighbours or your house is close to the street. The question remains, how do you know blinds are the right option for you?

Outdoor blinds are sometimes a more popular choice than shutters. They are designed to withstand more weather conditions and can be cheaper to install and maintain in many cases. There is also a large variety available on the market. So, is this what you need?

How Do You Choose the Right Blind?

With the large variety of blinds available on the market, it can be hard to choose the right blind for your needs. Most suppliers have a team of experts available to assist with guidance. However, outdoor privacy blinds are an excellent go-to as they protect you from the weather but also provide you with privacy.

The Benefits and Features of Outdoor Privacy Blinds

There are several benefits to having outdoor privacy blinds, and the word privacy says it all! Who would not like to have some privacy on their own patio, right? However, there’s more to these blinds than just the level of privacy they offer. Some other benefits include:

  • Aesthetic appeal and value: The appearance of your house can increase your house’s value if it carries aesthetic appeal. These blinds come in a great variety of designs, leaving you with many choices to ensure it blends in with your existing look. Outdoor blinds not only add to your house’s appearance but also increase outdoor living space. So, you gain functionality and aesthetic value.
  • Energy efficiency: Quality outdoor privacy blinds are designed to block and reflect heat to keep you and your furniture protected from the harsh Australian sun. Since you won’t need cooling systems, this can reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%.
  • Maximise space: Most homeowner wish they have more space, right? Adding outdoor privacy blinds to your patio or verandah maximises the amount of outdoor living space you can use during summer and winter.
  • Protection against harsh weather conditions: High-quality outdoor privacy blinds provide you with protection from harsh Australian weather conditions all year around. Not only does it protect you from the sun, wind, and rain, but it also prevents your deck and patio furniture from fading and reduces unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Allow airflow: Outdoor privacy blinds are designed to block out the sun and provide privacy, yet still allow airflow. This is an important dynamic as you would not want to use your patio if having privacy also means sitting in a very humid space, instead of enjoying a cool Australian breeze.

One of the first questions customers ask when enquiring about outdoor privacy blinds is whether they can be motorised. Luckily, the answer to this is usually yes!

Why Choose Motorised Blinds?

Having your outdoor privacy blinds motorised, will give added value to your installation. Motorisation has become a popular feature as it makes your blinds more user-friendly and luxurious.

But wait. The best part is motorisation can also be automated! This allows you to operate your blinds with the click of a button, even remotely!

If you’d like to fit motorised blinds Melbourne neighbours are guaranteed to be impressed with your installation, thanks to one change resulting in ultra-luxurious living! Motorisation also gives you efficient control over how much light enters your patio or verandah.

What are the Benefits of Motorised Blinds?

Not only will motorised blinds add convenience for you as the user, but there are several other benefits, such as:

  • Easy operation.
  • User-friendly blinds allow children and people with disabilities to easily use it.
  • No unsightly chains, which also makes it child safe.
  • Can be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day.
  • Also available with voice command.

How Often Do Motorised Blinds Need to Be Charged?

Motorised blinds can work electrically, or they can be battery-operated. If your motorised blinds are electric, you need not worry about keeping them charged.

The battery life of a motorised blind depends on the usage amount. The more you use it, the more it will need to charge. Fortunately, in most households these batteries only need to be charged once a year, or in some cases, twice a year.

Even if your batteries run flat or get damaged, you can still operate your blinds manually.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor privacy blinds, whether motorised or not, is an asset to any home. Adding value to your property and to your life, you can’t go wrong installing these window coverings in a Melbourne home.

These blinds are crafted to give you privacy along with excellent protection from the harsh sun and rain, while still allowing optimal airflow. And they’re aesthetically pleasing too, so perhaps you just found your ideal renovation plan for this year?