Moving House? Capture All The Moments In A Photo Book!

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You capture the fun moments with your mobile or camera, so that you can look back on them later with great pleasure. The birth of your child, the anniversary of your parents or your fantastic holiday, these are all fun moments that you will enjoy looking back on with family or friends in a few years’ time while enjoying a drink. Are you moving or renovating soon? Moving is an important moment in your life and also a fun process to capture in a photo album!

Memories to cherish

Are you moving soon or are you renovating? An exciting, but fun moment! It is also a busy period for most people. You fly from here to here. How nice it would be to sit on the couch after the move or renovation with a photo book of the entire process in your hands? Take the memories with you (literally) and record your move in a customized photo album!

Report of your move or renovation from start to finish

Moving is a big, but special (fun) process. There is so much to do and so much to arrange. It costs you a lot of time and energy and it gives you the necessary stress, but in the end it is all worth it. A period that you would like to remember well! Nowadays we can easily save all photos on our mobile phones, but isn’t it much more fun to show your family and friends the before and after photos through a beautiful custom photo album?

Moving: from making choices, shopping to DIY and decorating

In the beginning there will be a lot of paperwork, after all a lot has to be arranged. A process that is not that special to record, but on the other hand it is nice to take a photo when you sign your purchase/rental contract.

The fun work comes after that, or so I think. What needs to be done at the house? How are you going to do that? You will have to make choices, not always easy, but it is part of it. The best thing about a new home is, of course, shopping and decorating your home. Creating a cozy and comfortable place where you can feel at ease.

How do you make a beautiful photo book?

For example, start your photo book with photos of your old home. Capture each room in a photo so that you can reminisce about the photos later. Do you have any other old photos from the past that show you a part of your house? It might be nice to include those as well.

Then you can of course also record the next steps. Here are some examples:

  • The packing process
  • Rooms in the old house that are getting emptier
  • Kids sorting out their stuff
  • Photos of signing your purchase/rental contract
  • Photos of the building process (from empty land to a house)
  • Pictures of the DIY
  • Moving furniture
  • Decorating your home
  • From enjoying on the couch to cooking in your new kitchen
  • Children playing in the new garden etc.

Tip: You could also dedicate pages to before and after photos on the same page. When making your photo book, it is also nice to mention dates, nice quotes, texts with a photo, so that when you open your photo book you experience exactly the same feeling as before.

In addition, a move also involves a lot of emotions. You leave your old happy place behind for something new. Joy, loss, sadness, pride, pleasure. Capture those special moments in photos too.

An original moving card!

After moving, it is of course useful to inform family and friends and to send them the new address. A simple way to inform people about your new address is of course easy via WhatsApp, but the old-fashioned way via a moving card is much more personal! Impress family and friends and do it in an original way, below you will find two fun photo ideas.

The finishing touch!

When your move is finally over, it gives you a little more peace of mind. Your house is probably still far from finished, but that will get better with time! It is important that the heavy and large tasks are finally done. Your house may look a bit bare and lacking in atmosphere in the beginning, but that is easily and quickly solved with personalized home and wall decoration. A nice family photo on the wall, a nice candle holder or coasters with your favorite holiday photos simply add more atmosphere to your home.

An original way

Curious family members, friends, acquaintances or colleagues can have the pleasure of viewing the whole process of your moving with your photo book. Include them in your moving process and proudly show what you have made of them!

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